Laila Ali: Holly Holm will beat Ronda Rousey in a rematch

Laila Ali predicted Wednesday that Holly Holm will defeat Ronda Rousey in their expected rematch. 
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Retired boxing champion Laila Ali predicted Wednesday that Holly Holm will defeat Ronda Rousey in their expected rematch, she said in an interview with Chael Sonnen.

“I personally do not think that she’ll beat Holly Holm [in a rematch],” Ali said. “I think that if she fought her again, then the same thing and worse will happen. Holly Holm was just getting warmed up. You know what I’m saying? She was just getting warmed up. She had nerves, too. This was her big moment.”

Rousey, who was knocked out by Holm in the second round of UFC 193 in November, was previously the undefeated women’s bantamweight champion. 

Ali went on to express that Rousey’s UFC reputation existed mostly because of the hype she received.

“People hype fighters up, but at the end of the day, what did Ronda Rousey have? 12 fights, something like that,” Ali added. “And they’re calling her the best fighter ever, and I see that she truly believes that about herself.

“You’re only as good as the opposition you face. There were some girls out there I never had the opportunity to face. But I saw Ronda Rousey kind of act like she really does believe that she’s the best female fighter in the world. I was thinking, wow, she hasn’t even faced some of the other girls that are considered to be the best.”

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A rematch between Rousey and Holm is expected to take place later in 2016.

- Kayla Lombardo