The five best Conor McGregor quotes leading up to UFC 196

On Saturday, the weeks of smack talk between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will finally culminate at UFC 196 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Here are some of McGregor’s best quotes.
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On Saturday, the war of words between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will finally culminate in a fight at UFC 196 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

McGregor will take on Diaz after Rafel Dos Anjos dropped out of UFC 196 due to injury. 

The two fighters have traded verbal blows over just about everything during their meetings with the press, and they nearly brawled at their photo shoot. Considering McGregor's penchant for trash talking, we decided to round up some of the Ireland native's best quotes leading up to the big fight. 

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On adjusting to fight Diaz

March 3:

“The only approach I changed is I dug the grave a little bit wider. A little bit longer for Nate’s skinny, fat, long body.”

In response to Diaz’s steroid allegations

Feb. 24:

“Steroids? What are you talking about steroids? Don’t be putting my name with steroids. I’m major against that ... I’m not on steroids. I’m just an animal.”

On Rafael Dos Anjos's injury

Feb. 24:

“Dos Anjos has a bruise on his foot. Did ya see it? It’s a bruise. Ice. Ibuprofen. If I jumped under an X-ray, the doctor would slap me and say: ‘What are you doing, kid? Get out of here! Stop this.’”

Anticipating the fight

March 3:

“I’ve hunted him down. I’ve stalked him like my prey and now I have him. And now on Saturday night I will eat his carcass in front of his little gazelle friends.”

After his press conference scuffle with Diaz

March 3:

“The man’s afraid to look me dead in the eye. So he put a frame out in front of him and I quickly snatched it and broke his wrist ... because I’m a don, and that’s what dons do. My socks are worth more than the whole suit you had on, you little bum. You broke b----. I could buy and sell you one hundred times over.”