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Conor McGregor Shouts ‘Come and Get Me’ Amid Rumored Threats From Irish Mob

Conor McGregor is reportedly facing threats from the Irish mob after a fight at a pub.

With rumors swirling that Conor McGregor may be in danger of retribution from an Irish crime family, the UFC star issued an apparent invitation on Thursday: “Come and get me!”

McGregor is accused of punching a relative of a top Irish gangster during a fight at a pub on Sunday night, according to Irish media. The mob boss in question is Graham “The Wig” Whelan, a lieutenant in the Kinahan crime cartel. McGregor “attempted to assault another young man in the pub” and ended up punching a man believed to be Whelan’s father twice in the face, the Irish Independent reported.

McGregor was in court on Thursday in Dublin for a speeding ticket, where a judge ordered him to pay a fine of €400 ($476). He sped away from the courthouse in his BMW, shouting out the window “Come and get me!”

Irish police are reportedly taking the threats against McGregor somewhat seriously. Veteran Irish crime reporter Paul Williams, the author of several books on organized crime in Ireland, said on his radio program Wednesday morning that he was told police would be approaching McGregor “to tell him that there may be threats to his safety.”

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