Nate Diaz Isn't Playing When It Comes to His Legacy

Nate Diaz eviscerated USADA after a mix-up with his drug testing. Can he deliver more punishment to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244?
Nate Diaz

After riding out some speed bumps this week, Nate Diaz is once again scheduled to fight Jorge Masvidal this Saturday night in the main event of UFC 244.

Diaz and Masvidal will main-event the card, fighting for the non-sanctioned “BMF” title to determine the baddest man in mixed martial arts.

But Diaz has also encountered a litany of other responsibilities leading up to the fight, as he was informed last week by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) that he had potentially committed an anti-doping violation that would disqualify him from action this Saturday.

Within 24 hours, USADA changed course, informing Diaz that he was eligible to compete and that what was thought to be a performance-enhancing drug was actually a plant-based vitamin.

“I think that it’s all just a big ol’ bunch of bullsh--,” said Diaz, who defeated Anthony Pettis this past August after a three-year hiatus from the UFC. “So I’m going to leave it behind me, and I’m done with all that sh-- now. But if they want to call me on that kind of sh-- again, we can test every day for the rest of my life... and don’t try to play me because I’m not playing back.”

Diaz is authentic and genuine, and he was no different when explaining his frustration over the lead-up to the fight.

“You aren’t ruining my whole legacy,” said the 34-year-old Diaz, who is 20-11 overall and has won three of his past four fights. “All I believe is that, in the whole game, I’m all natural.”

The attempt to hurt Diaz is an indignity he is not taking lightly.

“I shouldn’t be getting into the details, but every time after a fight, relationships change with the whole company, every fight, you know what I’m saying?” said Diaz. “What if I win this fight? What if I win this fight? For one, I’m already the baddest motherf---er in the whole game. I made all this happen. So the title is already mine.

“And now, what if I win this fight? They can’t have a f------ real mother----- like me owning the whole sh--, being the hardest, because too many people are going to hear it, you know what I’m saying? And I’m not trying to bust nobody out, but I feel like they need some type of leverage over me to keep me from being the f---ing king of the whole s---, you know what I’m saying?

“As soon as I fought Conor [McGregor] the second time [in August of 2016], which I didn’t lose, they loopholed me out of the whole situation like you’ve got to fight your way back up. I’m like no. I’m still at the top. I’m going to stay at the top. I’ll come back when I feel like it. And look what happens when I do.”

As for the fight against Masvidal, which is one of UFC’s most anticipated bouts of the year, Diaz expects a battle.

“I’m expecting a hard fight [against] the best fighter I’ve ever fought,” said Diaz, who is anticipating that Masvidal will aim for an early knockout like he did this past July against Ben Askren. “I figure he might try to run out and take me out. I’m expecting it all. He’s a strategic fighter, been around forever–and you’re not just there because you’re there.”

Despite the BMF title making its debut this Saturday, Diaz believes he is already the rightful owner–which, he added, won’t change against Masvidal.

“I think it’s already set in stone,” said Diaz. “I’m the baddest mother-----, and he’s the runner-up.”

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