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UFC Fight Night May 30th Gambling Odds and DFS Picks

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MMA fans can catch some UFC action on Saturday, May 30th with an exciting card that will take place from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. While Sports Illustrated’s gambling analyst Casey Olson correctly predicted the under-dog coming out on top in the last three card’s main event, Olson is instead going with the favorite Tyron Woodley over Gilbert Burns. Woodley is currently a heavy favorite with -182 odds on DraftKings sportsbook. Olson and SI’s Frank Taddeo discuss the odds and make predictions for the best fights of the night in the above video.
Read the full transcript from their conversation below:

Bill Enright: UFC fight night for May 30th is just a few hours away, and we have the gambling and DFS preview. Let's bring on our MMA and combat expert Casey Olson and our gambling analyst Frank Taddeo. Oh, Frank. I'll start with you. This, from what I understand, you have some sharp action analysis that you're going to share with everybody.

Frank Taddeo:  Yeah, Bill, there's one guy that old DFS players as well as bettors are gonna want to target on Saturday night. And that would be Jamal Hill at odds of $1.25. Right now, my sources have told me that the sharps are all over hill in this matchup and it's actually someone that our guy Casey Olson is also backing. This number is only going to go up, Bill, as this heavyweight battle. It's really going to be a close match. But I'm being told that this number is going to rise. So the best thing is that all bets can do right now. Jump on Hill and jump on Hill now. And I'm definitely interested in hearing what Casey has to say about it.

Bill Enright: All right, Casey, let me go over to you for a little bit of a breakdown between gambling and DFS. What do you got?

Casey Olson: Yeah. So, hey, last couple of weeks we've nailed the underdog on the main event, but I don't think so this week. I like Tyron Woodley back after 14 months. You know, he went into isolation into Taiwan over at AKA and he is hungry, heavily motivated. He was the first one on the scale Friday morning. So he looks like he's ready to get back to championship form. But Gilbert Burns, like I mentioned in the article, he's white hot. He's won five in a row and he's moved up the welterweight, he's 3-0 since doing that. So I got to hang with a favorite here in Tyron Woodley. Couple other fights, I like Mackenzie Derns. You know, Cifers has 15 minutes to avoid the takedown. But, hey, once she gets taken down, it's all Mackenzie Dern and I like that Will Hill number of -1110 for submission with Mackenzie Dern. At looking at some underdogs, there's one guy I really like is Brandon Royval, +150, good to take on the vetted Tim Elliott, rival is the LFA champ. Got the call up to the big leagues here. Elliott 15-10 overall, but you've got to consider he's only 1-5 against southpaws and Brandon Royval well can bring it. So I'm interested to see that. One thing we also need to look at is the cage size for this event. They're gonna use a 25 foot cage in comparison to the 30 foot. So what does that mean? That means a fifty percent higher finish rate and a lot more engagement and action in there. So I'm excited for Saturday night. Going to be a lot of good fights there.

Bill Enright: Absolutely good insight from both Casey and Frank. We appreciate it. Hope everyone makes some money betting on UFC or playing UFC DFS for this weekend. Plenty more gambling and fantasy insight from Sports Illustrated. You can find more. I'm going to