The 10 Spot: Feb. 24, 2005

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2. Tennis vixen Anna Kournikova was granted a court order that the homeless man accused of stalking her must stay at least 1,000 feet away if he gets out of jail. Kournikova was especially spooked when the man sent her a letter that said if they "were lovers we would have no need for other people, food or water." That just happens to be the new lyrics to a yet-unreleased Enrique Iglesias song.

3. The Vikings have tentatively agreed to ship receiver Randy Moss to the Raiders for linebacker Napoleon Harris and two draft picks. The deal can't be officially completed until March 2, the first day of the full moon.

4. Sammy Sosa entertained fans and teammates in his first workout for the Orioles on Wednesday by slamming two dozen balls over the wall. It's good to know that his corked BP bat made the trip from Chicago.

5. The MLB players' union has agreed to strict international drug-testing rules for the players willing to take part in next year's World Cup tournament. Fans can hardly wait to see the powerful U.S. team, which will be led by David Eckstein.

6. Temple coach John Chaney has suspended himself for one game after admitting he inserted a burly benchwarmer into Tuesday's game against St. Joseph's for the sole purpose of committing hard fouls. Nehemiah Ingram, who is 6-8 and 250 pounds, fouled out in just four minutes. Chaney's defense was that he wanted to give hungry Flyers fans a taste of the departed NHL.

7. Knicks forward Kurt Thomas rang the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday. In related news, the Dow Jones was up much of the day before cratering late in the session to lose ground yet again.

8. Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has welcomed another former player back into the fold by signing quarterback Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe is expected to beat out Jeff Hostetler and Scott Brunner for the starting job.

9. The 10 Spot has followed from afar the ongoing efforts by Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer to buy Manchester United and the fierce resistance to that effort by Man U fans. The fans' opposition has been passionate and occasionally clever, but at other times it has been downright scary. Take Wednesday, when thousands of Man U fans staged an anti-Glazer rally before the team's Champions League match against AC Milan. Among the crowd's chants was a spirited cry of "Die Glazer die." Really, fellas, it's not like the Yanks are marching on Parliament. You might try dialing down the threats of homicide.

10. Reader submission: For the first time we have a tie at the top, as two entries were head and shoulders above the field. First from Mark Frentzel of New York: "In an effort to emphasize professionalism, new Mets manager Willie Randolph has ordered players to get rid of their beards. Catcher Mike Piazza promptly told new wife Alicia Rickter to move out." Then there's Web Drake of Clinton, Miss.: "Big & Rich performed at the NBA's All-Star Game on Sunday. Plus the halftime show featured some kind of country band." Congratulations to Mark and Web and thanks for all your submissions.