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NFL Truth & Rumors: Dec. 26, 2006


ESPN on-air guest Steve Young said Daunte Culpepper needed a better work ethic. That he needed to stop missing meetings. Culpepper felt so strongly about the inaccuracy of Young's allegations, he left his suite in search of him. Once the discussion -- which remained very peaceful and diplomatic -- had ended, Young apologized about the comments. Young said he had heard from others that Culpepper was missing meetings, but he shouldn't have said the comments on the air. -- Miami Herald

Dolphins coach Nick Saban and his representative have had no contact with the University of Alabama for at least two weeks. But the school, which is looking to replace fired coach Mike Shula, is expected to make one more attempt to try to hire Saban when the season ends Sunday. -- Miami Herald

One thing Tom Coughlin could not afford was the stinker his Giants threw at the Saints on Sunday. Keeping things competitive probably meant keeping his job. -- Bergen Record

It still looks like Jerry Reese will be promoted to replace Giants GM Ernie Accorsi with Chris Mara given more responsibility, but if New England's Scott Pioli is interested and available, sources say the Giants will have great interest in him. -- New York Daily News

Lions owner William Clay Ford was at practice last week and sat with president Matt Millen. Ford has spent more time around the team than most people know. There is no question that Ford and Millen have a strong relationship, and there was no indication that Ford and Millen were uncomfortable in each other's presence. It didn't look like Ford was sitting with an employee he was about to fire, or that Millen felt like he was about to get the pink slip. -- Detroit News

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Receiver Jerry Porter emerged from the Raiders first game against the Chiefs with a hip injury that coach Art Shell said he has no idea how it came about. He played only two downs in that game, without catching a pass. Porter hasn't been active in the five games since or practiced during the week. Yet, there he was before Saturday's game drop-kicking balls toward the south end zone goal post. -- Oakland Tribune

Terrell Owens is of the mind that in order to be his best, he needs to be a bigger part of the Cowboys' offense earlier in games. Something, he feels, that isn't happening. -- Fort Worth Star-Telegram

A good soldier, Brad Johnson hasn't made any waves, and he is under contract through 2008, but it's hard to see him returning next season or the Vikings really wanting him back. -- St. Paul Pioneer Press

There appears to be little chance tight end Jim Kleinsasser, who is in his eighth season with the Vikings, will be back next year. -- St. Paul Pioneer Press

Marcus Robinson was finalizing Christmas plans Sunday when the phone rang. On the line was Vikings personnel director Rick Spielman, calling to tell Robinson he had been released. Spielman offered no explanation for the highly unusual move, and Robinson said he never heard from coach Brad Childress. Robinson did not know why he was released. -- Minneapolis Star Tribune