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Hot Clicks: 4/23/07

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By Jimmy Traina

Photo of the Day

Jeff Gordon and his wife, Ingrid, celebrate his victory at the NASCAR Subway Fresh Fit 500 :: Al Messerschmidt/

The Links...

Does Houston Nutt Know About This?

If you're worried about the youth of American, fear not. This past weekend, a Pennsylvania teen won $25,000 in a text-messaging contest that featured almost 200 competitors.

M-E-S-S, Mess, Mess, Mess

Each year, one of the highlights of the NFL Draft is watching Jets fans react to their teams normally awful picks. Here's a great compilation via ESPN. Sadly, it doesn't look like most Jets fans have updated their looks through the years:

Stick to Money Matters

Forbes has released the team values for all 30 Major League Baseball teams which doesn't offer many surprises. Take a look, though, at the poll that accompanies the story. Vidro? Kendall? Erstad?

And They Still Lost...

A Mets fan was arrested Friday night for shining a "high-powered" flashlight into the eyes of a couple of Braves players, including starting pitcher Tim Hudson, who tossed eight shutout innings.

Not Exactly Sanford and Son

Ever see a garage sale in front of a 30-room mansion? Well that's what took place Saturday at the former home of Giants defensive end, Michael Strahan. Strahan's ex, Jean, decided to unload memorabilia and other goodies, making for some very happy customers.

Why Do We Love Ed Hochuli?

Ed Hochuli shows off his guns:: Al Messerschmidt/

We don't know, but the New York Timescaught up with everyone's favorite NFL referee, who discusses whether or not he's used performance-enhancing drugs.

There'll Be Lots of Pissed Off Fans When He Bolts

Alabama, and new head coach Nick Saban, held an intra-squad scrimmage on Saturday, and a few people decided to show up -- more than 92,000 of them.

Another Imus Apology

This heartfelt, sincere and passionate plea, however, is unlike any of the others you may have seen.

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