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Hot Clicks: April 25, 2007

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By Jimmy Traina

Photo of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Hot Pink Party on Tuesday.:: Kevin Mazur/

The Links...

Will This Book Be Sponsored by Ginsu?

New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan has written a book about what it's like to be an NFL player. Apparently, the Pro Bowler compares playing the game to getting stabbed over and over again.

Sign That Kid Up

This video (on the right side of the page) of a 4-year-old taking a terrible hit at a Colorado State spring football game over the weekend, would not be funny if the child weren't OK. But he is, and luckily this story had a happy ending.

"I've Got Four Brothers Who Will Drink Them"

Twins outfielder Torii Hunter wanted to reward the Royals for beating Detroit last season, paving way for Minnesota to win the Central Division, with bottles of champagne. But those uppity-ups at Major League Baseball stepped in and put an end to the whole thing.

No Champagne for the Royals, No Beer for Daly

You won't see John Daly drinking beer on CBS.:: Al Tielemans/SI

Golfer John Daly has battled alcoholism, yet he's appearing in a commerical drinking a beer. CBS says they will not air the spot.

Fun With an Old SI Cover

Sebastian Telfair is gone from the Celtics, but that doesn't mean you won't see him again. Could this be in his future?

Who Loves the Waves?

Pepperdine University might be seeing bigger crowds at their baseball games. This story says Pamela Anderson has become the squad's No. 1 fan.

Video of the Day

Dr. Z Unplugged

You've seen him on Z Says, She Says, you've read his Power Rankings, you've read his mailbag. Now catch him on YouTube.'s own Dr. Z at last year's NFL Draft, sharing his thoughts on football, Katie Couric and his long career.

Daytime TV -- You Gotta Love It!

SI On Campus producer Andy Gray submitted this gem from the Maury Povich show. How has this guy not been on Dancing with the Stars yet?

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