May 09, 2007

With graduation fast approaching, SIOC presents our annual list of 101 things you absolutely, positively have to do before your college days are over.

1. Camp out for tickets at Penn State's Paternoville. Two students going at it on an Xbox. A group watching an old Fiesta Bowl game. Passersby stopping in for cold ones. It's another day at Paternoville, the hap-hap-happiest tent community in Happy Valley. P-ville's electricity is provided via extension cord, but the real source is the rekindled love affair with its 80-year-old namesake, Joe Paterno. Dan Clark, mayor of Paternoville, improved upon its conceptual forefather, Krzyzewskiville at Duke. "They have tent checks," Clark says. "I didn't like that."

2. Complete Dartmouth's Ledyard Challenge. Swim, sans skivvies, across the Connecticut River, which divides New Hampshire and Vermont. Then run back over the Ledyard Bridge, but beware of the awaiting police.

3. Hold hands with a "West Virginia mountain mama" and belt out Take Me Home, Country Roads alongside the Mountaineers football team -- and 60,000 others -- after a home win.

4. Make a pit stop at the notorious Boston College dive bar Maryann's for a thirst-quencher between miles 22 and 23 of the Boston Marathon.

5. Ski or snowboard down the 1,020-foot Snow Bowl in a cap and gown as part of the February graduation ceremonies at Middlebury.

6. Enter a Hottest College Girl contest. Maybe you can't rig bikini contests like SIOC's Brigid Mullen, but if you think you have the looks, there's no better time than college to test yourself against other campus hotties.

7. Divide and conquer all 46 of the Adirondacks' High Peaks with the Outing Club at St. Lawrence. In one fall weekend each member takes on one or two peaks in a group effort to scale them all. (We'll forgive you if you stick to the small ones.)

8. Endure a Harvard movie marathon and watch Harvard Man, How High, Legally Blonde, Love Story, Stealing Harvard and With Honors. There's a four-star movie in there -- if you combine them.

9. Dress to the nines for Prom Dress Rugby at Swarthmore.

13. Hook up on the 50-yard line with your TA.

14. Kick a 20-yard field goal. If you miss, now you know how it feels.

15. Kidnap a rival school's mascot but treat him nicely, lest PETA get on your ass.

16. Grow a mustache for one semester.

17. Declare yourself draft-eligible. Anyone can do it.

18. Say something nice to Notre Dame's Brady Quinn.

19. Make like Magnus Samuelsson and pull a pickup truck (or toss a keg) in George Washington's Strongman contest.

20. Get footloose at the Jones Beach (N.Y.) Greekfest Weekend. Some 100,000-plus take in the traditional step show and the all-day concerts.

21. Keep your eye on the ball while participating in the Alpha Delta Phi house's naked punt returns at Yale.

22. How to... tackle the Reilly Burger The staple at Eagle's Deli, near BC, consists of six beef patties, 12 slices of cheese and five pounds of fries. Former Tufts tackle Adam Collette (6-foot-8, 282 pounds) once ate seven patties. Here's his guide to conquering the Reilly:• Fast until the feeding.• Eat the burgers first. They firm up as the grease sets. Fries are great even cold. Just keep shoveling them in.• A drink moistens the palate, but don't overdo it.• When you finish, smile big for the Polaroid that goes on the wall.

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