Hot Clicks: May 23, 2007

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By Jimmy Traina

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Fellas, She's Still On The Market

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Englesias have been dating for five years.:: Kevin Mazur/

Singer Enrique Inglesias says that he and longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikovahave no intention of getting married anytime soon.

Leinart Continues To Enjoy His Celebrity

Via, comes this full report onMatt Leinart's birthday bash this past weekend, which included the Cardinals quarterback, Steve Nash, Terrell Owens and Shawn Marion taking a dip together in the pool.

The Red Sox REALLY Hate A-Rod

A few years ago, Boston catcher Jason Varitek got into with Alex Rodriguez. Now, Red Sox second basemen Dustin Pedroia wants a piece of A-Rod.

The 10 Worst Things In Sports

We're gonna go out on a limb and say that this list generates tons of hate mail for the writer. It would've been nice to see something about the high cost of tickets and concessions on this list.

Barkley on Gore

Watch Charles Barkley deliver the Top Ten Suprises In Al Gore's New Book on last night's Late Show with David Letterman (video link on right side of page).

Famous Last Words

If you were to die by lethal injection, what would be the last two words you ever utter? For this sports fan, those words were good wishes for his favorite team. (Thanks to CowboyJoe in Sheridan, Wyoming for the link.)

Celebrating 10,000 loses

As the Phillies close in on becoming the first sports franchise in history to lose 10,000 games, their fans are preparing for the monumental event. And what better way to do than by starting a Web site devoted to the milestone.

Video of the Day

What Happened To Luck Of The Irish?

You just need to watch the first nine seconds of this clip to get an understanding of how the NBA draft lottery went for Celtics fans.

This Is A Tirade?

We're not sure if the highlight of this video is the poor camera work (which misses most of what the announcers describe) or the over-the-top broadcasters who think they're seeing the greatest thing ever.

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