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Caption This: Reader Responses


Place in center rack of oven on 400 degrees for 48 minutes.-- Keith, Canton, Tx.

A little lower.-- Mack, Carlsbad, Ca.

Are you sure this is enough protection for King James?-- Michael, Fullerton, Ca.

The NBA still fined them for trying to keep his pregnancy under wraps until after the trade deadline passed.-- Brien, Norwalk, Ct.

LeBron does not want to look fat for the fans in China.-- Jake, Sparta, Nj.

Packaged up and ready to ship to LA.-- Tim, Lubbock, Tx.

Lebron's trying to save himself for the regular season!-- Dave, Northampton, Pa.

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There are entire websites devoted to these behaviors.-- Bob, Nome, Ak.

Are you going to buy me dinner after this?-- Bryan, Pleasant Grove, Al.

The Emperor's ... I mean, King James' new clothes.-- Rock, Fresno, Ca.

You think he would have learned from Marv Albert and Oscar de la Hoya.-- Jim, Erving, Ma.

Seems like a lot of bother to get cat hair off your stomach.-- Barbara, New York, Ny.

You can only hope to contain him. One man tries plastic wrap.-- Jay, Chicago, Il.

Isaiah? Is that you back there?-- Patrick, Charlotte, Nc.

Do fries come with that?-- Lee, Grantville, Ga.