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The Monday night game plan


• Feature the draw. The Jaguars will dare the Colts to run the ball by using a two-deep scheme with only seven defenders in the box on most downs. With the defense focused on slowing down Indianapolis' passing game by keeping a double team on Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison, the Colts must use running back JosephAddai to take advantage of the Jaguars' dropping linebackers. Look for the Colts to run a series of draws and delays to attack the soft spots of Jacksonville's defense.

• Keep Bob Sanders in the box. The Jaguars will stick to the game plan that allowed them to roll up 375 yards on the ground against the Colts in their last meeting. Using Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor on power runs, the Jaguars exploited Indy's two-deep scheme by running at soft spots on the edges. Look for the Colts to abandon their Tampa Two on early downs and drop Bob Sanders into eight-man fronts to slow Jacksonville's fourth-ranked running game.

• Grind it out. Facing a Colts' run defense allowing more than four yards a carry, the Jaguars will pound Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor between the tackles to control the tempo of the game and keep the Colts' high-powered offense on the sideline. Jacksonville averages almost 32 attempts per game.

SI Recommends

• Take care of Colts tight end Dallas Clark. The fourth-year pro's emergence has given the Colts an effective counter to Cover Two schemes. Jacksonville should have MLB Mike Peterson take a deeper drop down the middle of the field. By keeping Peterson deep, the Jaguars can keep double coverage on Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison outside without Clark hurting them in the middle of the field.