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Caption This: Reader Responses


Jay Leno is a Patriots fan?!?-- Bryan, Pleasant Grove, Al.

If I threw 6 TDs I would have the BIG head too!-- Mike, Killeen, Tx.

The good team's mascot gets all the cute babes!-- Steve, Scarborough, Me.

Hey, sweetie, call me Paul Revere and let's go on a midnight ride.-- Kenneth, Arlington, Tx.

I'm partial to giant, furry men.-- Chris, Williamsburg, Va.

Pat Patriot returns to the sidelines after serving his suspension for HGH use.-- Brian, Milwaukee, Wi.

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Hurry and take the picture, man. Her little head is grossing me out.-- Tim, Bakersfield, Ca.

Even the Pats' mascot was scoring on Sunday.-- Forrest, Houston, Tx.

Somebody get that guy an Epi-pen. I think he's allergic to something.-- Elanya, Pontiac, Mi.

She likes her men to have a big head and no ears.-- Paul, Norfolk, Va.

Can I please have my teeth back?-- Glenn, Pearland, Tx.

Yep, I put the pat in Patriot.-- Martin, Clayton, Nc.

This is just another of the record number of passes being received in New England.-- Brian, Austin, Tx.