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Cheerleader of the Week


1. I love (University of South Carolina), but I almost went to: South Carolina was the only place I wanted to go, and the only school I applied to. I have always been a Gamecock fan!

2. My favorite class is: Psychology

3. Movies I can't live without: The Notebook, Radio, Grease and Sweet Home Alabama.

4. Music I can't live without: Country! I am a southern girl, so I stick to my roots.

5. TV shows I can't live without:The Bachelor, Full House, E! News and anything on the Food Network.

6. One misconception about cheerleaders: That we are not athletes. Cheerleading takes strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, and not only do we support football, basketball, and volleyball, but we also have our own competition season.

7. My favorite sport is: Gamecock football.

8. My favorite professional sports teams are: Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Braves.

9. My one guilty pleasure is: Bojangle's

10. My best physical feature: My dimples!

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11. Strange and unusual fact about me: My family has a history of having more than 10 toes, but I was lucky enough not to inherit it.

12. My friends would be surprised to know that I: played T-ball!

13. Favorite foods: Watermelon, french fries, Grandma's rice with tomatoes, and Outback's salad.

14. Five people I'd like to have dinner with (living or dead): Oprah, Prince William, Rachael Ray, Faith Hill, and Brad Pitt.

15. Three people who annoy me: Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Joan Rivers

16. Next risk I want to take: To fly on an airplane again. I love to travel, but I have a huge fear of flying.

17. Typical day: Wake up, eat breakfast while watching Saved by the Bell, go to class, do homework, go to practice, and either do more homework or hang out with friends.

18. I think facial hair on guys is: I think it all depends on the guy. Some guys look great with it.

19. If I won the lottery, the first thing I'd buy is: A trip to Hawaii!

20. Describe the worst date you ever went on: When I went out to eat with this one guy, he claimed he accidentally forgot his wallet after we sat down at our table. Since this was before we had credit/debit cards, I only had a five dollar bill. We did not want to walk out, so we ordered waters and one side salad to share.