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Caption This: Reader Responses


Wow, that cloud looks like a pretty unicorn.-- Jeremy, Lemoore, Ca.

Where is homeplate in this park?-- Fred, Rockford, Al.

Hello, God. It's me, Matt. Could you please send down a swarm of flies like you did for the Indians?-- Jennifer, Bethel, Ct.

Wow. When I grow up, I want to hit a home run just like that.-- Terry, Olive Branch, Ms.

I wonder where that balloon is going?-- John, Waldorf, Md.Mustard, relish, and extra cheese. Make that to go.-- Jesse, Bloomington, In.

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Birdie, birdie in the sky, why did you do that in my eye?-- James, Mission, Tx.

Where's this monster I keep hearing about? All I see is a wall.-- Jake, Fontana, Ca.

Where'd they go? Our chances of winning this series were there a minute ago, then they just disappeared!-- Jason, Boston, Ma.

Where's the humidor?-- Pete, Brick, Nj.

This is going to be a long game...-- Cole, Hornbuckle, Ky.

Way to look like a tourist.-- Chris, Coram, Ny.

Jeff, don't jump. It was only the first game.-- Gary, Berlin, Nh.