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Caption This: Reader Responses


I think the NFL should stick with female cheerleaders.-- DolFan

I just hate it when I have to work in San Francisco!-- John, Phoenix, Az.

I pray that he doesn't fumble!-- Kyle, Thibodaux, La.

Its 1st and 10, and can I get a new football, please?-- Steve, Menifee, Ca.

The NFL's uniform police are going to be all over this.-- Brian, Milwaukee, Wi.

Have you seen my pigskin?-- Kent, Al.

Talk about a wardrobe malfunction!-- Calvin, Lock Haven, Pa.

Looks like an illegal procedure to me!-- Kurt, Appleton, Wi.

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This ref is definitely WAY OFFSIDES!-- Bradley, Huntsville, Al.

Now that is truly a personal foul.-- Sam, Colorado Springs, Co.

COACH! Are you going to challenge that call?-- Gary, Oakland, Me.

Tim Donaghy has really hit rock bottom after the whole gambling scandal.-- Paul, St. Matthews, Ky.

It's a shame. Joe Torre just hasn't been the same since he left the Yankees.-- Barbara, New York, Ny.

The last time I saw a sack that empty was when Scott Boras went trick-or-treating at George Steinbrenner's house.-- Dan, Wichita, Ks.

We here in the state of New York take our naked robot dancing very seriously, sir.-- Tim, Richmond, Tx.

I bet on the Dolphins and lost everything I had.-- Chuck, Memphis, Tn.

Excuse me, kind sir, my football compass seems to have gone flat. Do I go this way?-- Don, Circleville, Oh.