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Opportunity knocks

For rookies, it's all about minutes.

If you get them, you better take advantage. Take two new additions to this week's Rookie Rankings -- Mike Conley and Corey Brewer, whom I expected to have big years but who started the season slowly.

Conley, No. 3 in the Grizzlies' point-guard rotation behind starter Damon Stoudamire and Kyle Lowry, didn't see action the first two games, but since then he's cracked the lineup and started to make a case for more playing time.

Same goes for Brewer, whose defense may keep him in the Timberwolves' rotation. Brewer saw 21 minutes per game this past week, and turned out two solid scoring games.

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"I'm learning to play the NBA game," Brewer said after Saturday's 100-93 loss in Sacramento. "It's coming slowly, but it's coming."

Getting minutes should help speed along that process.

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