By Dr Z
January 02, 2008

A Classical philosopher, Epicurus, I believe, said something resembling the following: "Beware the wise man who appears as an imbecile. He is setting you up for a major knockoff." With those words of warning, I am repeating a tactic that seemed to animate people last year -- matching my final rankings with my preseason forecast, followed by an explanation of where I went right or wrong. Now all I have to do is find that preseason stuff. Ah, here's the drawer, and I believe this is the material, right on top. What does it say?

"Nordic Hookers Terrorize Paris!"

Nope, wrong folder. Ah, got it now. And before you get yourself tuned up for a good laugh or two, remember that I was not alone in some of the more outlandish picks. Many other good souls went down with the same ship. (Send comments to

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