Road Trip: Wisconsin

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Ian's Pizza. Searching for a slice that'll satisfy your craving anytime of day? Ian's Pizza is your place. Stay traditional with a slice of cheese or unleash your creative side and get macaroni and cheese or steak and fry. The prices won't dig a crater in the wallet and the atmosphere will have you feeling like you never left the game.

Kollege Klub. Whether it's on the ice or on the field, UW athletes drag themselves over to Kollege Klub -- an off-campus pub -- to seek well-deserved relief after a hard-fought game.

Depends. If it's Mexican you want, Qudoba Mexican Grill is the answer. They serve anything from traditional burritos to nachos and quesadillas. Plus, chances are good you'll see an athlete while you're there. Don't like south of the border food? Stumble over to D.P. Dough or Lovshak, where you'll be treated to a variety of delectable calzones.

(Ian's Pizza is also a good bet, if you're willing to stand the lines.)

Helen C. White (College Library). Round up your buddies, grab your books and head to College Library. There are plenty of rooms and tables available, but don't expect to actually get too much work done. Some of the best-looking girls make regular appearances at the library, and if you're lucky, you may get a passing grade.

Minnesota. It doesn't matter which sport, these two programs don't like each other. Hockey has seen its fair share of fights and thrilling games. The men's basketball team has stolen some of Minnesota's top recruits and the football squads have now met 117 times, with Paul Bunyan's Axe up for grabs at every meeting since 1948.

Charles Lindbergh. Yep, the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic attended Wisconsin for two years in the early 1920s. Bet you didn't know that.

Halloween. Although tame compared to years past when students would start fires and riot on State Street, Halloween draws tens of thousands to Madison for a two-night bash.

(Note: The pitfall, if there is one, is that you now have to pay an admission fee of $8. That was implemented to prevent the celebration from getting out of hand. It worked.)

Union South. If you're a hard bargain and the bars just don't do it for you, Union South is the place to go. Saturday night's you can bowl for two bucks a pop. If that doesn't float your boat, you can also karaoke to What a Wonderful World with your friends, or try your hand at pool or table tennis.

Women's hockey. The Badgers women's hockey team has won back-to-back NCAA Championships and did so in record-setting fashion. During those two seasons, Wisconsin went 72-5-5 (90.8 percent), including a remarkable 36-1-4 in 2006-07. After a rocky stretch before winter break, this year's team has turned things around -- UW is currently on an eight-game winning streak -- and will try to three-peat this March.

Men's Hockey. As energetic as the Sea of Red is for football games and the Grateful Red are for basketball, the cheers and chants are sadly uninspired. The Crease Creatures, however, have it going on. From poking the opposing team's goaltender on Facebook to chanting "stand up old people" when the Badgers are about to skate away with another victory, Badger hockey games at the Kohl Center are always a unique treat.

Monday's Bar. If you're looking for a good time and a drink strong enough to knock you over, Monday's is the place to go. The ladies know it too; they frolic there like Wildebeest frolic to a waterhole.

Caution: Keep in mind (if you can) the dim lights combined with your drunk goggles may make you regret your late-night, inebriated impulse.

Mifflin Street Block Party. It's Halloween all over again, only this pre-finals event is free. Thousands of students pile onto Mifflin residents' porches for adult beverages and pure elation. The police are pretty easy-going and will pose in your friend's picture upon request just as long as you don't bring your own beverage onto the street.

Sudoku/Shout Outs. When your professor is going on about, who knows what because you're not listening, grab a copy of The Daily Cardinal, one of the two student newspapers on campus, and try your hand at a Sudoku. Or, if you're lucky and it's a Wednesday, check out The Badger Herald's Shout Out page where people like yourself offer sometimes bizarre, but typically funny antidotes of happenings around campus.

B10 Ingraham. Imagine stepping inside a limo and sitting down on a plush vinyl seat, illuminated by glowing lights to trace the floor; that's the feeling you get when you walk into B10 Ingraham.

Iron Man competition. Every Sunday after Labor Day, Madison hosts the Ironman Wisconsin competition. The race consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike race, and a 26.2-mile run around the city. Over 1,500 people participate in the qualifying event for the ultimate Ironman competition held in Hawaii.

Crazylegs Classic. The 8K race is held every April to raise money for UW Athletics. If you're not up to running, there is also a walking option. Either way, you get a free T-shirt to help continue UW's outstanding athletic tradition. Grand marshalling the event this year will be Heisman Trophy winner Ron Dayne.

Bascom Hill. With the grandeur of the Capitol Building and State Street at your back, take a trip up Madison's infamous Bascom Hill. Don't get fazed by the sunbathers or discussion sections resting on the freshly cut green grass. Rumor has it that if you trudge all the way to the top of the steep incline now and every weekday over your four years at UW, you'll have walked more than the height of Mount Everest. Now that's a sense of accomplishment.