The Real World (of college hoops)

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Name of Show: Weekends with O.J.Think of:Temptation Island, only no islandNetwork most likely to air it: MTVSummary: An inside look at the most popular athlete at a school full of perfect-looking co-eds. We'd follow Mayo as he made his way to frat parties, talked to some ladies outside the campus center and passed his days as the most eligible bachelor in a percolating sea of willing bachelorettes.

Name of Show: Calipari's House

Think of:Run's House

Network most likely to air it: VH1

Summary: After last season, when Calipari made it clear he had no intention of leaving, we were immediately reminded of a time when coaches weren't looking to put together a good season just so they could get a better job. Just like Rev Run, who's a father and a rapper (in that order), Calipari sent a message that he's in it for real. And that's how you build a family.

Name of Show: Romeo Don't Need No Juliet

Think of:Weekends With OJ, Season II

Network most likely to air it: MTV

Summary: People would be singing My Baby like it was the theme song from Sanford and Son as they gathered around the television to watch this whodi rap, avoid having a serious girlfriend and generally ball out of control. This would be a great follow-up to OJ Mayo's "In-N-Out" stint at USC.

Name of Show: Mr. 800Think of:Mr. 3000 meets Necessary RoughnessNetwork most likely to air it: Straight to DVDSummary: Eddie Sutton walks among the progressives of San Francisco, but he's not here to be intellectual or partake in any Bay Area traditions. He's here to get a few wins and be on his way. He's making history in a town where history is written with the fabric of social change, so who's watching this dinosaur? We are.

Name of Show: The Adventures of the Tallest Dude in the WorldThink of:The Air Up There meets My GiantNetwork most likely to air it: TLCSummary: This would be like the opposite of TLC's Little People, Big World, but it would be equally heart-warming and just as hilarious. Imagine 7-foot-7 George sitting in the front row of class, taking notes like a student while everyone behind him is in agony trying to see the blackboard.

Name of Show: The Masterpiece Theater with Old Man HibbertThink of:The Masterpiece TheaterNetwork most likely to air it: PBSSummary: Close-up on Roy Hibbert. The Old Man sits in front of a fire in a freshly-pressed oxford and a brown tweed sportscoat. He clutches a pipe in his right hand as he reads his personal memoirs from the weathered parchment of an ancient scroll. "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times," Roy reads in a British accent. He takes a puff and gazes wistfully into the camera.

Name of Show: The Bro-Pez Show

Think of:Sister Sister meets Hang Time

Network most likely to air it: TNBC

Summary: Reggie Theus-like coaching has these brothers playing classic high-level, low-post ball, but will Brook's superior play get to Robin's head? Hopefully, Robin's happy playing second fiddle in the best pair of Pac-10 brothers since the O'Bannon brothers.

Name of Show: Carolina Nights

Think of:Friday Night Lights meets that HBO documentary about Michigan and Ohio St.

Network most likely to air it: HBO Sports

Summary: This feud might be more played out than the Real World/Road Rules Challenge and Coach K could very well be more annoying than Ruthie from that season in Hawaii, but at the end of the day it's a hell of a rivalry and audiences dig that. Plus it might be cool to follow around Tyler Hansbrough, the tallest eight year old in the world.

Name of Show: Blue CollarsThink of:All The Right Moves

Network most likely to air it: ESPN Classic

Summary: I've always thought about setting a film or show in the blue-collar town of Pittsburgh, and I really think this team would be the perfect focal point. A bunch of students playing defense, trading off shifts at the steeling factory, potentially winning the Big East. That shit is emmy award winning.