February 15, 2008

When Bob Knight resigned from Texas Tech, there were lots of suggestions on where he should go. That's when the KnighttoCats.com founders, Seth Reznik and Kevin Silverman, decided to drive home hard the campaign they've been running since 2006 to bring The General to Northwestern.

SI.com's Nina Mandell -- who last spoke with the duo in April -- caught up Reznik and Silverman to get their take on Knight's sudden resignation:

SIOC: So how are my favorite Northwestern revolutionaries doing?

KTC: Great! We joined facebook. Someone made a group calling for Bob Knight to come to Northwestern, so we've been getting a lot of support from that.

SIOC: Do you think Bob Knight joined Facebook to join your Facebook group?

KTC: Not Bob Knight, I think if he did [join facebook] it definitely would have zero to do with the petition. But we noticed a big spike [in support].

SIOC: There's a lot of people calling for Bob Knight to come to their schools, particularly one column in the Chicago Tribune calling for him to go to Illinois. Are you mad that they're copying your idea?

KTC: I'm sure he did leave to pursue other opportunities in the Big Ten, especially Northwestern. First of all, Illinois has a real basketball program. It makes more sense for him to come to NU.

SIOC: Are you concerned about his bird hunting?

KTC: I don't think that'd be a problem.

SIOC: Did you see him on Leno? He was wearing a ref's costume ...

KTC: I can't stay up that late.

SIOC: Anyways, he was wearing a ref's costume. Are you concerned that he wants to become a ref?

KTC: He'd be a fantastic ref, but I don't know if that'd be the right thing for him to do right now. I think there would be nothing more satisfactory than raising Northwestern basketball to at least a .500 winning percentage.

SIOC:So Coach Knight's known to have a bit of a temper ... are you concerned about his interactions with the Northwestern police?

KTC: I don't think he'd be intimidated by them. I think he'd take care of them.

SIOC: What about the poor student media? Isn't that a little wrong to wish on them after years of dealing with the mild-mannered Carmody?

KTK: I would assume journalism students would want to be the next [Michael] Wilbon -- wouldn't [they] rather cover him and make national news?

SIOC: How do you think he would get along with the other members of the athletic dept?

KTC: I don't think the Fitzer [NU football coach Pat Fitzgerald] would have a problem with him.

SIOC: What if he got in a fight with the lacrosse team? Who would win?

KTC: If it was just [coach] Kelly [Amonte Hiller] he would win, but if he took on all of them, the lacrosse team. Hands down. They are the light of Northwestern.

SIOC: I have his phone number, will you call him?

KTC: Absolutely, no question about it. If we need to do that to convince him to come, we would.

BYSTANDER TO INTERVIEW: Do you really have his number?


SIOC: Thanks guys.

KTC: Thanks for advancing the cause!

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