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Enjoying The Spotlight

You all know that Danica Patrick won her first race last weekend. As a result, Danicamania is in full swing. She appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. Video is here. And a summary of the appearance, including Danica's risque joke about her hair, is here.

Danica Patrick :: Ben Watts/SI

Girls, Girls, Girls

Maria Sharapova, Marisa Miller, Stacy Keibler and Amanda Beard are just four of the women who crack FHM's newly released list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2008. If that isn't enough for you, here's yesterday's gallery of "The Women of Hot Clicks," in case you missed it. And here's something for those of you who just like the headline on this item.

NFL Draft Round Up

Grateful Blue thinks the Detroit Lions should take a page from George Costanza's book. The Angry T reveals the draft's All-Porn Name team. And Redskins tight end -- and all-around fun guy (just read No. 7 here) -- Chris Cooley, who is now blogging for Yahoo! Sports, writes about his draft day experience in 2004, when he was taken with the 81st pick.

Speaking Of The Draft

We can't discuss the NFL draft without mentioning Mel Kiper. The Onionhas all the details on a recent tragedy involving the draft guru.

Final Draft Item

Varsity Blues :: Courtesy of Paramount

The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes is holding its own NFL Draft -- by using football players from movies. And don't be fooled by this photo. You probably think it's Mox who gets drafted, but it's not.

eBay Item Of The Day

The bidding has ended on this auction, but we just want you to know that you missed out on a chance to own The Curse of the Seattle Supersonics. If you think that's amusing enough, get this -- someone actually paid $17.03 for it. (Thanks to Grant, of Baltimore, Md., for sending us the link.)

Best Player + Best Announcer = Good Times

In case you missed the last couple of minutes of the Kobe Bryant Show last night, Awful Announcing has the video. Sure, Kobe embarrassing and humiliating J.R. Smith is amusing, but for us, the highlight is Marv Albert. There's still no better play-by-play man in sports. Just listen to the extra oomph he gave on the "And the FOUL" call. (UPDATE: 12:36 p.m.: Awful Announcing is on a roll today. Check out this story about Law & Order allegedly taking on Tom Brady.)

We're Buying One

Get your Rick Roll'd T-shirts. (Thanks to K.C. Weber, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for sending the link.)

South Park Does Sports gives us the Top 10 Sports Moments from South Park's 12-season run. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Today In Campus Clicks

Dick Vitale :: Bill Frakes/SI

We want to help Dickie V. ... World's largest science experiment ... Port-A-Potty problem at Penn St. spring game ... Problems for UNC mascot ... Video: Boom Osby is going into politics.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Via, comes video of a 60-year-old man nailing 209 consecutive 3-pointers.

Howard Stern Video Of The Day

We've given you a lot of Howard Stern lately, but this one takes the cake: classic Stuttering John interviews, which kicks off with Red Sox legend, Ted Williams and ends with Tommy Lasorda. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Dumb Move Video Of The Day

We're gonna guess alcohol was involved in this one.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Lost Video Of The Day

What are the odds that Sawyer will utter his favorite phrase tonight? Based on this clip, sent to us by Brett Gaul, of Troy, Kan., Vegas probably wouldn't even give you odds. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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