May 05, 2008

43. Learn your school's fight song in Latin.

44. Lay a smooch on Pat Summitt.

45. Or Bruce Pearl.

46. Take a Dip at Arizona. Why? Former 'Cat and seven-time Olympic medalist Amanda Beard is known to frequent the Hillenbrand Aquatic Center. Did we mention she's the cover girl of Playboy's July 2007 issue?

47. Catch a game from the cheap seats.At Arizona: Hillenbrand Stadium softball can easily be seen from the balcony of the Phi Delta Theta House.At Arizona State: Sun Devils fans eye football from atop "A" Mountain.At Colorado: Boulder professors can catch the Buffs on Folsom Field while grading papers in Gamow Tower.At Washington State: Cougars football at Martin Stadium is visible from the study carrels at Holland Library.

48. Run your fastest 2, 5 or 10K on the Hayward Field track at Oregon. Feel like a legend where former Duck Steve Prefontaine burnished his.

49. Road-trip to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. For $500 you can go all-in against 10-time gold-bracelet-winner Phil Hellmuth.

50. Catch halftime at the State Fair Classic in Dallas's Cotton Bowl, when the electrifying bands from Grambling State and Prairie View A&M each get eight minutes to battle. As for the football game? When the cymbals stop crashing, you can start dashing. Grambling has won 18 straight.

51. Cheer up a freshman at the Colorado School of Mines, which was cited by the Princeton Review as having the least happy students.

52. Become the Stanford Tree. Tree Week, a 10-day audition for the role of the school's band mascot (just make sure you're sober), is open to any undergrad willing to branch out from the norm and impress judges with the most spectacular stunt they can conjure. Although the Tree rarely cooperates with the press (something about the origin of newsprint), a few former stunts allegedly have included:• Rappelling down Stanford's Hoover Tower -- after being set on fire.• Encasing oneself inside a pumpkin-shaped cocoon made of haggis.• Having oneself paraded around campus in a coffin.• Removing one's appendix.• Catapulting oneself over a grove of real trees and into a distant lake.

53. Hike Mount Sentinel at Montana. The tree-free hill's jogging path for the truly insane rises 620 feet above the Missoula campus and squeezes in 11 switchbacks. Afterward quench your thirst and grab a burger at the Missoula Club (or Mo Club) on Main Street.

54. Cliff-dive at Wawawai Park on the Snake River, a short drive from the Washington State and Idaho campuses.

55.Learn how to be the next great quarterback at USC. Just take a number behind Mark Sanchez, Mitch Mustain and Aaron Corp.

56. Camp out with the Saddle Tramps at Texas Tech. On Thursdays before home football games the all-male organization wraps the school's Will Rogers statue with red and black streamers and keeps an all-night vigil.

57. Enter the intersorority beach volleyball tournament, held at UCLA. Or better yet, be a spectator.

62. Relive a Hollywood-meets-college moment.Animal House: Throw a toga party, but only if you invite the dean's wife.Revenge of the Nerds: Enter -- and win -- a belching contest.Old School: Streak at a jogger's pace. We'll be right behind you. No, really....Back to School: Ask your professor out. If/when you're denied, quote the late, great Rodney Dangerfield: "Why don't you call me sometime when you have no class?"

63. Get Sideways at Fresno State, home of the first commercial on-campus winery in the U.S.

64. Be a T.W.I.R.P. at Lubbock (Texas) Christian University, where for one week each fall The Woman Is Required to Pay for all dates.

65. Go inner-tubing on the Salt River (Arizona State) or the Poudre River (Colorado State). "And we'll all float on, O.K./and we'll all float on, anyway...."

66. Do backflips over the Utah women's gymnastics team. Did you know that the Utes dominate the sport -- having won 11 national titles (and runner-up this past year)? Now you do.

67. Cowboy (or cowgirl) up with the Wyoming rodeo team. The West's top riding squad proves that horses are good for more than just placement in Dean Wormer's office.

68. Get your skin a fine burnt orange at Hippie Hollow Park, a half hour's drive from the University of Texas and billed as "the only clothing-optional public park in the state."

69. Hand-deliver the ball for the Wyoming-Colorado State football game. Each year in the Bronze Boot Run the pigskin gets shuttled by foot between the two campuses, which sit 55 miles apart.

70. Attend the Kalf Fry at Texas Tech, where Techsans party with fried food, kegs and live country music.

71. Give it your best shot with the Alaska-Fairbanks rifle team, winners of eight of the last nine NCAA titles. Open tryouts give all Nanooks a chance to see if they're at home, home on the range.

72. Hold your own bacon-wrapped-hot-dog-eating contest outside of USC's Memorial Coliseum, where the illegal dog vendors roam. Fight on, indigestion!

73. Paint a big fat letter on your chest in mid-November.

74. Win $60k in online poker. Seems everybody's doing it.

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