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Before They Were Famous

Halle Berry :: Toby Canham/Getty Images

Did you know that Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Katie Couric were cheerleaders? We did not, until we read All Balls list of the 10 Greatest Celebrity Cheerleaders Of All Time.

You Must Watch This

We told you yesterday that the Cowboys will be featured on the upcoming season of HBO's Hard Knocks. We hope the show can come close to being as good as this must-see cartoon featuring Pacman Jones, Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips. Big thanks to Matt, of Philadelphia, for sending us the link. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

One More Cartoon

Waiting For Next Year took those split-screen NBA playoff ads that are everywhere and made a Celtics-Cavaliers cartoon out of them.


Indiana Jones :: Courtesy of Paramount

The On Deck Circle compares this summer's blockbuster films to teams and players in the NBA playoffs.

Telling Tags has come across the vanity license plates of several big-time athletes. (Warning: Link contains strong language).

Arresting Developments informs us that we can now bet on which NFL team will have the next player arrested. Wagers are also being offered on what the arrest will be for.

Are You Ready For Some Lingerie Football?

Apparently the Lingerie Bowl is expanding, and in 2009 we're actually gonna have a 10-team Lingerie Football League. FanIQ is all over this historic occasion, and even has video of the LFL's "combine."

Web Lesson

Now that Cuba has lifted its ban on computers, offers them a little history lesson by covering the biggest Internet fads of the last 20 years.

Today In Campus Clicks

Tina Fey/Matt Stattford :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Kevin Reece/Icon SMI

30 Rock vs. Georgia's 2008 schedule ... Braylon Edwards vs. Rich Rodriguez ... New Uniform Alert ... Snoop concert at University of New Hampshire leads to 35 arrests ... Video: Using broccoli as a musical instrument.

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Sports Video Of The Day

We try not to post videos that are close to 10 minutes, but this one is special. It's audio of the final half inning from the Kirk Gibson home run game. Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola are behind the mic and old-school baseball cards take care of the visuals.

Mother's Day Video Of The Day

This is how Sunday will go for so many people. (Thanks to Dylan Moody, of Cincinnati, for sending us the link.)

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