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The Joy Of Six

Scarlett Johansson :: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Maxim's Hot 100 List comes out soon, but word has already leaked that Derek Jeter has dated six of the ladies who crack the all-important roster. While we were reading this, we couldn't help but wonder who has the better resume: Jeter or John Mayer? Jeter comes to the table withScarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Minillo. Mayer counters with Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly and Cameron Diaz. We hate to admit it, but we'd have to say, advantage Mayer. More on this below...

Hear Us Out

UPDATE: 11:28 a.m.: OK, we hit a major nerve. Our inbox is getting flooded with missives about how off base we are. Brian Wallace, of Hanover, Pa., writes: "Are you insane? Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba trumps any FIFTY girls Mayer may have had. That's a murderer's row. That's like having LeBron, KG AND Kobe on your team." Jamie Goodman, of Toronto, says: "Are you guys insane?? Mayers roster over Jeters? I come to this site every day, but you just lost serious credibility!" Hollywood, of New York (we'll guess that's a fake name) wrote: "Dude, seriously, No one and def not John Mayer has a better roster than Jeter! No one on Mayer's list comes close to Alba and Biel." Jon, of Baltimore, added: "Dude, any list with Alba, Biel and Scarlett wins." Our explanation: We can't argue Biel, Alba and Johasson. Nor would we. But we've always had soft spots for Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Minka Kelly, so that colored our decision. Plus, looney Mariah Carey is just a huge negative on Jeter's ledger. We appreciate the passionate e-mails, though. It's definitely an important subject, and it needs to be discussed!

Great Time Killer

Simon on Sports has posted the bald heads of 12 players from the NBA playoffs. Your job is to guess the chrome domes.

On The Other End Of The Spectrum...

The Legend of Cecilio Guante is begging for the Afro to make a big comeback in the NBA.

Redlegs Feels Blue

Mr. Redlegs :: John Grieshop/Getty Images

The life of a mascot can't be easy, especially when you fall off a cart and your head goes rolling around the field.

Gas Guzzlers

We'll go out on a limb and say that athletes and celebrities aren't as affected by the insane gas prices as the rest of us commoners. But that hasn't stopped Busted Coverage from figuring out how much it costs some of these famous folks to fill up their tanks.

The Three Stooges

There isn't a crew on TV that has more fun than TNT's NBA studio guys. In recent weeks they've run each other over with cars, grilledDwyane Wade about dating Star Jones, and, now, played jokes that end withCharles Barkley calling himself a "dumbass."

Better Than That Awful Mellencamp Song

If you're a soccer fan, we hope you like Coldplay, because you'll be hearing a lot of them on ESPN's coverage of Euro 2008.

We Have About Five Of These Skills

Dave, of Pittsburgh, e-mailed us a link to this article on The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master. We try not to bash other people's work here, but this list is complete crap.

Today In Campus Clicks

USC fans :: John Cordes, Shelly Castellano/Icon SMI

Get psyched, USC fans ... America's Sexiest Newscaster Returns Home ... Dan Marino gets degree from University of Pittsburgh ... Meet the Nation's Youngest Professor ... Don't Mess with Phil Fulmer ... Video: Charlie Weis disses Michigan.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Chris Cooley keeps proving that he's one of the coolest guys in sports. In this interview he talks about blogs, beer bongs and his desire to post pictures of his girlfriend wearing lingerie.

Ric Flair Video Of The Day

Here's a sentence we never thought we'd type: Check out this Ric Flair/Howard Dean mash-up. (Thanks to Bryan Irzyk, of Los Angeles, for sending us the link.)

That's-So-Wrong Video Of The Day

Scaring your aunt is not nice. (Thanks to Lino L., of Palatine, Ill., for sending us the link.)

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