May 09, 2008

News broke this week that Derek Jeter has dated six of the women who'll be in Maxim's upcoming Hot 100 list. That led to a discussion of Derek Jeter vs. John Mayer, which sparked some heated feelings among Hot Clicks readers. Below is a sampling.

From Dave, of Boston: Come on, guys. On the Jeter/Mayer fight, remember that Jeter dated Mariah Carey something like 10 years ago, when Mariah was in her Butterfly/Honey peak. Remember how hot she was back then? She got a little loony after Jeter broke up with her. Jeter still wins, and Mariah, with the proper perspective, is an asset to his list, not a negative.

From Furious George, of Nashville: The Jeter vs. Mayer issue is easily solved via cross-country scoring -- rank all 11 women from 1 to 11, then add the top five for each guy. The lowest score wins. A friend and I both did it independently, and Jeter is the winner: He had Nos. 1, 2, and 3 on both our "scorecards," which pretty much guaranteed victory. Try it yourself and see how it plays out.

From Rob, of Fort Myers, Fla.: Guys, I am totally with you on the John Mayer list. Simpson, Kelly, and Aniston match up very favorably with Biel, Alba, and Scarlett. I like the decision!

From Emily, of Boston: My boyfriend e-mailed me the story about Jeter's ladies vs. Mayer's ladies. Since when is Mariah a negative? You really think all those other ladies are sane? Aniston LOST Brad Pitt, arguably one of the most attractive and desirable men on the PLANET, and you're telling me that's SANE?

From Todd, of Palatine, Ill.: Jeter vs. Mayer ... there are tons of your readers who agree with tipping the scales to the side of Mayer. I think though it comes down to girl-next-door appeal: If you like it, Mayer's list is a Wonderland, but if you like a little more sass, you have to support Jeter's choices.

From Aaron Chin, of Davis, Calif.: It's relative. Jeter's roster is probably more stacked, but Mayer is more impressive because of what he has to work with. Jeter is captain of the most famous franchise in MLB! He has four world titles. Most women think he's insanely good looking. Now, Mayer isn't exactly a nobody, but he has nowhere near the credentials Jeter has, yet he has assembles a roster that at least is debatable vs. Jeter's. He's maxed out his talent! Now THAT is impressive!

From Tony Pich, of Philadelphia: I have to go with Mayer's lot as a unit. I think Jeter has the most superstars. But I would argue that Alba, Johansson, Carey and Biel being great names, would have trouble sharing the ball. Mayer's squad has more characters who have a chip on their shoulder and would have more to prove, therefore motivating them to take lessor roles and share the ball in order to be a more cohesive unit. Team ball wins. It's like USA basketball versus Argentina.

From Jeff, of Madison, Wisc.: I completely agree with you: John Mayer wins, hands down. Scarlett wouldn't be anywhere without [two specific assets], for one, and secondly, who wouldn't want their girl to look like Jennifer Aniston at 39? Lastly -- Layla! What else do you need?

From Brad, of Carmel, Ind.: Hey, those guys who are protesting your call of Mayer's group over Jeter's are off base. You got it exactly right. In baseball terms, it's like Jeter had three great years, a couple of OK years and then one year (Carey) when he hit .112 and committed 53 errors. Mayer, on the other hand, has consistently posted .300-30-100 seasons with stellar defense. I'd take the consistent Mayer list over the bumpy Jeter list any day.

From Dan of Philadelphia: You are entitled to your opinion but if you look at it objectively, the best way will be stats. If you give the ladies points on where they are on lists of any top 100 women, then Jeter's women double up Mayer's. Alba and Johansson are always in the top three, Biel is always in the top five, Union and Manillo or either in top 10 or 15. For Mayer only Simpson is the constant in the top 10, Hewitt in Top 15 and the others can fall anywhere depending on what they have done recently. You chose Mayer over Jeter due to your preference. The question you need to ask yourself is, if this was a dream world, which one the 10 listed would you want to date if you had a shot at all

From Kevin, of Wyckoff, N.J.: Don't you think that Jessica Simpson and Maria Carey cancel each other out? Simpson is just as looney as Mariah. Jeter wins out.

From Robert, of Blacksburg, Va.: Your Jeter thread got posted on the Virginia Tech message board. As suspected, Jeter won in a land slide. Please have your eyesite checked.

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