Hot Clicks: Reports say Simpson and Romo are done

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Good News For Cowboys Fans?

Jessica Simpson :: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

We have no idea if this is true or not, but reports say that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romohave broken up. We wonder if the quarterback's singing had anything to do with it.

We Hope She Washed His Mouth Out With Soap

At 9:21 last night, this e-mail was sent to us by Kris M., of Knoxville, Ill.: "Who was the lady that was getting in Paul Pierce's face after he had wrapped up LeBron on a breakaway late in the second quarter? She seemed to be getting awful aggressive and even pushed Garnett away. I hope there's video footage of this psychotic woman." At 1:26 a.m. Kris wrote again: "I guess I found out who the psychotic woman was," and provided this link, that woman was LeBron's mother.

Paps And Craps

As diehard Yankees fans, we caused a stir with some co-workers last week when we said we liked Jonathon Papelbon. But this item from shows why we can't hate Paps. He recently spent some time teaching teammate Hideki Okajima the finer points of our favorite game, craps. Papelbon even drew up a craps table in dirt. We just hope Papelbon was smart enough to tell Okajima that the real way to win money at craps is to play the "don't pass."

Bizarro World

Emmitt Smith :: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Legend of Cecilio Guante examines those disturbing instances when a star player so closely associated with one franchise joins a different team.

From Batting Helmets To Racing Helmets

Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew has put together The Hank Aaron 755, which features Major League players who have NASCAR names.

Investigation Results

Mark, of Indianapolis, sent us this link and the following: "I'm confused. Her name is not Kim. Please investigate." After a thorough investigation, we can only assume that whoever put that gallery together had just read yesterday's Hot Clicks and had Kim Kardashian on their mind.

Every Den Should Have One

You know you want a giant Nintendo controller coffee table.

Today In Campus Clicks

Arizona St. cheerleader :: Bruce Yeung

ABC looking for college journalists ... New Real World location ... NCAA's Least Favorite School ... FSU player does it all ... Best Team You've Never Heard Of ... Video: Office brawl.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Via comes the unassisted triple play turned by Indians second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera last night.

Asdrubal Cabrera Turns Unassisted Triple Play
Uploaded by Machochip

Price Is Right Video Of The Day

Via comes one of the most embarrassing contestants you'll ever see.

Jimmy Fallon Video Of The Day

With NBC officially naming Fallon Conan O'Brien's successor, we thought we'd remember Fallon's best work from Saturday Night Live.

The Barry Gibb Talk Show

Bill O'Reilly Video Of The Day

We're leaving this up for one more day because 1) YouTube had pulled it for a little while yesterday, and 2) it's just so damn good.

Bill O'Reilly Goes Crazy - Watch more free videos

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