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Beauties And The Beautiful Game

Carly Zucker, Toni Poole :: Getty Images

Manchester United and Chelsea battle in the European club championship this afternoon, and we have everything you need to get ready for it. The Beautiful Game offers a unique preview that covers cracked skulls, ice showers and trash talking. And now for what you really want, SportsCracklePop breaks down the WAGs of players on each team. (Thanks to Andrew, of New York, Chris, of San Francisco, and Jim Walker, of Boston, for sending us the link.)
-- UPDATE: 12:30 p.m.: We've heard from many of you that SportsCracklePop seems to be down. So, while they hopefully fix their issues, here's something else to keep you occupied: The 50 Sexiest Wags of World Soccer.

Musical Motivation

From The Final Countdown to We Are The Champions, The Love of Sports ranks -- and provides YouTubes of -- the 10 best sports anthems.

Motown's Most Memorable

With the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals and the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals, Mondesi's House has put together a history lesson on all things Detroit, including famous sports incidents, such as the Phil Luckett-Jerome Bettis-Thanksgiving coin flip controversy, Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant and "The Malice at the Palace."

Sneaky Bill

Bill Belichick :: AP

We didn't really have a link to tie in with this photo from last night's Pistons-Celtics game. We just wanted to show you the picture. But we'll try to stretch here and provide a link, anyway. Here's one list Bill Belichick won't be on:'s 25 Funniest People in America.

The Best Q&A You'll Read Today

Red Sox Monster took it upon themselves to do some important investigative journalism -- they interviewed some of the ladies featured on

Moonlighting Manny?

Dan Reiling, of Colorado Springs, sent us this link and the following question: "Who knew Manny Ramirez worked at a convenience store?"


Proving that most athletes would endorse just about anything, the Boston Celtics' Glen "Big Baby" Davis has just signed on to be a spokesman for ACE Nail Care.

What's In A Name?

We're not sure if sending these chocolates to a loved one would be a good idea. (Thanks to Florencio, of Bridgeport, Conn., for sending us the link.)

Today In Campus Clicks

Jenn Sterger and Brittany Link :: Bob Rosato/SI

Big and Rich film mock concert at USF ... Jim Delany's Wikipedia page ... Naked Women Turn Off Recruit ... Jerry Springer tears down the house at Northwestern School of Law ... Video: Family Guy.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Via The World of Isaac, comes last night's classic tirade by Tigers manager Jim Leyland.

Beer Pong Video Of The Day

For some reason, when we saw this video, sent to us by Matt C., of Canada, it reminded us of Blue from Old School.

Roddy Piper Video Of The Day

Frank, of St. Paul, Minn., sends in this classic promo.

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