Hot Clicks: Kobe and Vanessa Bryant keeping busy

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Busy Bryants

Vanessa Bryant :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In case you missed it yesterday, we posted a new video of Kobe Bryant "performing" a surreal stunt. After jumping over a car last month, this time, the MVP jumped over a pool filled with snakes. And he's even claiming the video is real. Meanwhile, his wife has been just as busy, allegedly cursing out a reporter and threatening to sue a Web site that has made a damaging accusation against Kobe.

Beckham Bonanza

David Beckham is on a quite a roll. First, he finished No. 1 on OK! Magazine's Top 50 Man Candy list. Then, on Saturday he scored a goal -- albeit an empty-netter -- from 70 yards away.


When you see stories all over the place that say "Tennis star to appear in Playboy," two words immediately go through your mind -- Anna Kournikova. But, of course, that would be too good to be true, so we'll have to settle forAshley Harkleroad, who'll be in the August issue. The Big Lead uses this news as opportunity to look at past athletes who have appeared in the men's mag, and potential Hugh Hefner targets. Meanwhile, FanIQ would like to see these five relatively unknown players go down the same road as Harkleroad.

Barkley's Bad Month Continues

Charles Barkley, George "The Animal" Steele: Getty Images

Four Horsemen Tattoo is on a mission. It's trying to compare every NBA superstar (past and present) to his most fitting WWF/WWE counterpart. One of the matches in today's installment is Charles Barkley and George "The Animal" Steele. Speaking of Barkley, check this out.

Double Your Pleasure has a look at the history of twin cheerleaders in the NFL. We even have a pair right here on

Three Must-See Links

On Friday, we asked for help in getting the Derek Jeter's Taco Hole skit from Saturday Night Live online. And as usual, the Hot Clicks readers came through. ... This ranks in the top three catches we've ever seen. ... This Country Roads story, sent to us by John W., of Firestone, Colo., has to be fake.

'Tis The Season counts down the 100 Greatest Summer Songs. Today we give you Nos. 100-76.

Today In Campus Clicks

Oklahoma cheerleaders:: Chuck Rydlewski/Icon SMI

The men of Northwestern in demand ... Desmond Howard vs. Kirk Herbsteit ... 15 Biggest College Football Stadiums ... Lacrosee update ... Colorado needs more cadavers ... Video: LSU and dancing.

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Sports Video Of The Day

After much discussion about the Stanley Cup last week, we're moving on to the Memorial Cup. Check out what happens at the 24-second mark. (Thanks to Michael, of Toronto, Scot Campbell, of Toronto, Jeff Steinman, of Kitchener, Ontario, and Matt F., of Kingston, Ontario, for sending us the link.)

Bizarre Video Of The Day

We're not gonna lie. We don't get this video at all. But we feel like we should post it anyway.

Dance Video Of The Day

Dan, of Dublin, Ohio, sent us this clip from last night's So You Think You Can Dance. We're both impressed and a little grossed out at the same time.

I think he Can Dance - Watch more free videos

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