Hot Clicks: 50 Hottest Female Athletes

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Talented On And Off The Field

Maria Kirilenko, Gretchen Bleiler :: Getty Images

Since JD Arney, of Columbus, Ohio, Ryan C., of Millville, N.J., Andy Boyd, of Sacramento, and Jesse, of Cincinnati, all sent us this link to Pop Crunch's 50 Hottest Female Athletes Of All Time we had no choice but to link to it.

Getting Even With The Ump?

There's some controversy surrounding a play from a high school baseball game in Georgia this past weekend. Some people think a pitcher and catcher were unhappy with an umpire's strike zone and decided to get even by doing this, which has led to this. (Thanks to Dave D., of Atlanta, for sending us the links.)

Wait Til Buzz Bissinger Sees This!

Deadspin's Will Leitch does some work for, ranking The 10 Worst Broadcasters in Sports.

Shawne's Summer Gig

Shawne Merriman :: Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images

Add Shawne Merriman to the list of professional athletes who've been involved with the WWE. The Chargers linebacker appeared on Sunday night's pay-per-view broadcast, where he got hit in the face with a cane and then later whacked someone with the very same cane. Video is here, with Merriman getting involved at the 3:20 mark, but we're sure it won't be up long. A story on his appearance is here.

Remembering Larry Legend

With the Celtics back in the NBA Finals, we're gonna see all kinds wacky takes from the blogosphere. First up, Crossing the Line tries to figure out who has the worst facial hair, Larry Bird or Spencer Pratt. We think neither comes close to being as bad asJason Giambi. Meanwhile, The Sports Hernia looks at all the things missing from this version of Celtics-Lakers.

"Tanks from the Twins"

The Minnesota Twins are trying to help their fans deal with the absurd gas prices by taking the average cost for a gallon of unleaded regular gas off the cost of each ticket.

Need To Buy A Father's Day Gift?

This could win over dad.

If You Can't Get A Job, This May Be Why

Dan Fornal, of Dublin, Ohio, sent us a link to this piece on the 150 Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders Ever.

Today In Campus Clicks

Stacey Keibler :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The only school to offer women's college wrestling ... Fun with college football stadiums and Google Maps ... Spurrier's son lands job ... Spellcheck causes havoc for yearbook ... Colbert does Princeton ... Worst name in college football ... Video: Softball Pitching 101.

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Sports Video Of The Day

That Celtics-Lakers rivalry is FIERCE! (Thanks to Roger, of Quincy, Mass., for sending us the link.)

Talk Radio Video Of The Day

This is why WFAN's Chris Russo is the best sports radio host in the world. In the following tirade about why he's rooting against Big Brown to win the Triple Crown, he says he'll "wear a black cap with relish," calls trainer Rick Dutrow Jr., "Dontrelle," says "this is a horse who eats carrots, molasses and oats," and then tells us that Big Brown isn't Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan -- and that's just in the first 35 seconds.

Live TV Video Of The Day

Big payoff at the end. (Thanks to Josh, of Los Angeles, for sending us the link.)

Political Video Of The Day

This guy can't be happy that time is about to run out on Hillary. (Thanks to John, of New York City, for sending us the link.)

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