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Hot Clicks: Athletes to keep your girl away from

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Strong Advice

Megan Fox :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images is looking out for you. In this post titled, "Watch Your Girl Around These Guys," it's laid out very detailed reasons why, if you're with your wife/girlfriend, you should run the other way if you see these 10 athletes. And since Megan Fox is our current imaginary girlfriend, and the person we'd have to watch if we ever encounter any of those athletes, we figured her pic would work well here.

Speaking Of Imaginary Girlfriends...

So last night, Erin Andrews -- the Erin Andrews who said we were "so cute" (here's the url if you don't believe us: -- was on Jimmy Kimmel's special NBA Finals pregame show. Within five minutes of Andrews appearance, this e-mail, from Neel, of Brantford, Ontario, landed in our inbox: "If you do not make great mention of Erin Andrews on Kimmel, I do not check Hot Clicks from this day onwards as per my usual work procrastination schedule. Wow. Just Wow. Saying more would be an injustice." Here's the reason Neel was so flustered. And for those of you who would personally like to tell Erin how great she looked, she says you can call her at 973-409-3327. Update, 1:53 p.m.: FanIQ has come through with video of Andrews' appearance on Kimmel.)

Hockey Links

Plenty of fallout from the Red Wings Stanley Cup win. First up, a man says he plans on suing the Red Wings and the NHL for the mistreatment of the dead octopi that is thrown on the ice. Second, some people think Dominik Hasekflashed something bad during the Wings celebration. Lastly, here are The 10 Best Stanley Cup Champions' Celebrations.

One More Hockey Item

Reader Mark Gamble, of New Brunswick, Canada, is begging for our help. Here's the story: "YOU MUST PUT THIS IN HOT CLICKS, THIS IS A NATIONAL TRAGEDY TO CANADIANS!!! This song is easily the most recognizable song next to Happy Birthday and Oh, Canada, and to have it no longer used is a shame. Anyone who grew up in Canada has a special tie to this song and we need your help, Hot Clicks, so that people from both the U.S. and Canada can contact the CBC to make sure we don't lose a part of our country's tradition. This is the Web site advising about the change, and this is the theme song in case you are not familiar, best part is at 44 seconds. No matter how old you are, it sends a chill up your spine and means one thing to Canadians -- It's Saturday night, baby!!! Hockey time!!! As for the cbc, please have Hot Clicks flood their inbox at PLEASE HELP FAST!!! Thanks!" You're welcome.

Anatomy Of A Feud

Coco Crisp, James Shields: AP

The most heated rivalry in sports today just may be Red Sox-Rays. If you don't believe us, check out, which covers all angles of this feud.

Wikia Work

You've heard of Wikipedia, but have you heard of Wikia? It's a new search engine, and we were asked if we could get Hot Clicks readers to help edit some of the pages. So if you have even more time to kill, have fun with Erin Andrews' page, Paul Pierce's page and this tool's page.

Big Brown's Buzz Kill

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SI Recommends

We told you yesterday that if Big Brown won the Triple Crown Saturday, he would be greeted by, in the words of the New York Daily News, "busty Hooters girls in tightfitting T-shirts." Unfortunately, the New York Racing Association is gonna try to squash the momentous moment. Funny -- most people at Belmont will be drunk as a skunk and betting money they shouldn't be betting, yet that's OK. But Hooters girls? Let's take a stand against them.

Cool Cards

We told you earlier this week about those "Clinton Beats Obama" baseball cards. Here's a solid summary of some of the more unusual trading cards.

Golf Links

If you play golf this weekend, these may be the types of people you'll find in your group. ... Simon on Sports says missed some ofPhil Mickelson's endorsements in our Fortunate 50 feature.

Today In Campus Clicks

Julianne Hough :: AP

The 10 most useless college majors ... More Sexy Softball Women ... Conspiracy Theory of the Day ... Dumb Arrest of the Day ... Must-see LSU fan ... Video: Top 10 College Football Fight Songs.

New Videos On Our Facebook Page

We just put up two new videos that must be seen. You can join the group here.

Sports Video Of The Day

Check out this Dark Knight trailer featuring Kobe Bryant as Batman taking it to a crazed Kevin Garnett as the Joker.

Movie Video Of The Day sent us a link to their amusing post titled, "Man I'd Hate to Guard this Guy: Sweatiest Players in the NBA (Sans Patrick Ewing)," and for some reason we immediately thought of the only good scene in this bad movie.

Commercial Video Of The Day

Via Chris Mottram of The Sporting Blog and, comes this doozy. Check out what this car dealer wants to satisfy for you.

Car Salesman Will Satisfy Your Butts

Classic Video Of The Day

We've been sent the following video several times over the past few weeks, but never included it in Hot Clicks because a) it's really old and b) we just assumed everyone has seen it already. But then we realized that some videos (like the one below -- and make sure you have the volume turned up) should always be trotted out on a regular basis, so we're going to make the "Classic Video Of The Day" a regular feature from now on.

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