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Hot Clicks: The 12 Highest Earning Hotties


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They Work Hard For The Money

Angelina Jolie, Beyonce :: Getty Images

A tennis star (Maria Sharapova), two SI Swimsuit cover girls (Tyra Banks and Beyonce), the girlfriend of an NBA player (Adrima Lima), the girlfriend of an NFL player (Gisele Bundchen) and Angelina Jolie are all bringing home the bacon, according to's list of The 12 Highest Earning Female Celebrities.

Best Headline Ever

Via Bugs & Cranks: Fat Man Falls On Hot Ball Girl.

Wave Goodbye

The Legend of Cecilio Guante says these five in-game "entertainment" tactics must go.

The Yankees And Their 'Staches

Jason Giambi : AP

We wish we would've linked to these two items before Johnny Damon shaved his mustache on Saturday, but that's life. Yahoo's Big League Stew was having trouble telling the Yankees apart from a bunch of hipsters. Meanwhile, The Chuck Knoblog wonders what the rest of the Yankees would look like with mustaches.

Dapper Diesel

The best part of Saturday's Belmont, besides Big Brown losing, was Shaquille O'Neal showing up dressed like a jockey.

Another Title For Ivanovic?

Now that she's won the French Open, Ana Ivanovic can worry about winning another title -- the hottest No. 1 female tennis player of all time.

The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem

Sports Crack has come up with a brilliant quiz to determine just how addicted you are to fantasy baseball. Plus, this gives us a chance to a call out's own Richard Deitsch for totally being No. 9.

Stunning Survey

Euro 2008 kicked off this past Saturday and European soccer fans will be more into it than you can even imagine.

SI Recommends

Will He Win The Bet?

Anthony, of New York City, e-mailed us the following: "Here is a stupid bet I'm doing. Seven days, no food, in a tent in the Hamptons. I've been writing a blog with my thoughts, and people who know me have been sending stuff as well. Also, all the rules are there. I'll be putting up videos next week as I go along." Sounds good to us. Here's the link.

To Help The Monday Blues Go Away

Carrie Underwood. Playing softball. Photos.

Today In Campus Clicks

Rashida Jones :: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Ear Candy and Eye Candy ... Must-see sign ... Bitter Coach of the Day ... June Jones joins the Rudy Nutrition Team ... Vocabulary Lesson for SIOC's Audience ... Video: Super Regional Blown Call.

Fresh Links, Videos On Facebook

We just added a Euro 2008 preview, based on WAGS. You can join the group here.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via Deadspin, comes this must-watch video of a few New England Patriots players, most notably Wes Welker and backup QB Matt Cassel doing some New Kids on the Block karaoke -- with the classic foot shuffle move -- at a recent charity event.

Commercial Video Of The Day

Who's more dedicated to their job than a car salesman? (Thanks to Donnie Hardin, of Louisville, Ky., for sending us the link.)

Classic Video Of The Day

Dan, of Culpeper, Va., submits the following Home Shopping Network mishap.

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