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Alyssa Milano confuses Jeff Van Gundy: Hot Clicks


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Van Gundy's Blunder

Vanessa Minnillo, Alyssa Milano :: Getty Images alerts us to an amusing tale from last night's Celtics-Lakers game. Apparently, analyst Jeff Van Gundy got excited about seeing Vanessa Minnillo in the stands and when asked by Mike Breen which celebrity he enjoyed seeing the most, Van Gundy mistakenly replied "Alyssa Milano. And if I was Nick Lachey (which he pronounced LAH-chee), she wouldn't be out of my sight!" Awful Announcing has the video. (UPDATE: 11:49 a.m.: We just got off the phone with Jeff Van Gundy. He says he did mean Vanessa Minnillo, not Alyssa Milano. He said Minnillo was sitting behind the broadcast team and "her beauty made me starstruck and I just choked." We also asked Van Gundy if Milano was there, would he go with Minnillo or Milano. "Minnillo. That girl, wow," was his answer. When asked if he pronounced Nick Lachey's name wrong on purpose, Van Gundy said, "no, I had no idea how to say his name." Lastly, we figured we'd get a prediction from Van Gundy. "I said Lakers in 6 before the series and I still think it'll be Lakers in 6.")


Speaking of sports figures being a little lost in the pop culture department, this video of Tommy Lasorda had us cracking up all morning. First off, the way he screams and yells at the guys to "take the picture already!" was eerily reminiscent of our big, Italian family functions. Second, his look of utter confusion when asked about his thoughts on Nicole Richie's baby is priceless.

Marvel Vs. MLB

Blue Monkey Disco Party has put together a Tale of the Tape that's been long overdue. Iron Man vs. Iron Man.

Story Behind The Office Freakout Video

Office flip out

Chad, of HNL (wherever that is), e-mailed us yesterday to say, "Why do you keep posting that video of the guy who completely lost it in the office? Can't you even tell that it's a fake? How do I know this? When the guy throws his monitor there are no cables or cords connected to it. This is the same monitor he's looking at while typing before losing it." Sadly, Chad is right. Cody, of Chicago, e-mailed us this article, that explains the story behind the tirade, while Trevor Nelson, of Minneapolis and Rob, of Austin, Texas,sent us this one.

Plenty Of New Blood Here

We've seen plenty of "Hottest Sideline Reporter" lists, but the latest offering by All Balls definitely has a few unexpected twists and unknown candidates.

If You Like The Pats And Karaoke, You're In Luck

This past Monday, we posted video of four New England players doing a little New Kids on the Block at a charity event. Well, the person who shot the video, Andrew Stack, e-mailed us and said if you'd like to see a slew of other videos from that night, including players taking on such classics as Born in the USA, Baby Got Back and Ice, Ice Baby they're all on this page.


Paul Piercewas recently spotted wearing a Dodgers cap. This has made The Angry T, well, angry, so he's calling outBenedict Arnolds in sports. Speaking of Pierce, we're ordering one of these.

Random Links

Roger Moore, of Patrick, S.C., e-mailed us to ask if this is Jay-Z or Vinnie Johnson? ... Friday kicks off '70s Weekend (featuring Squiggy!) in Cleveland ... It's always fun to pick on the WNBA ... The NBA Trophy is EVERYWHERE. ... Emmanuelle Chriqui, who recently was featured in Hot Clicks, threw out the first pitch at Sunday's Dodgers game -- and looked damn good doing it.

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Sports Video Of The Day

The first 40-seconds are the highlight of this Kobe Bryant interview.

Another Kobe Video Of The Day

Kobe Bryant high school highlights (but we're really only showing it because it's set to the tune of one of our favorite songs).

Beach Video Of The Day

Good times. (Thanks to Oscar Ponce for sending us the link.)

Classic Video Of The Day

If we wanted to do a month of just Home Shopping Network/QVC blunders, it wouldn't be difficult. This clip was sent in by Kent, ofFargo, N.D.

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