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Jason Kidd's new girlfriend: Hot Clicks

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You've Got To Be Kidding!

Hope Dworaczyk :: Getty Images

We featured Hope Dworaczyk in this space once before and we've always wanted to get her back in Hot Clicks, but not like this. According to today's New York Post (so you know it's true!), Jason Kidd has moved on from Dworaczyk , and is now dating former SI Swimsuit model May Andersen. We think this is such a bad move for Kidd that we've posted two pictures of Dworaczyk. And here's a link to her Web site, that isn't up and running, but still worth a click. Come back to the sports world soon, Hope. We need you to be part of posts like this.

Fun With Craigslist

We have a pair of doozies for you. First, "trade my hot wife for 2 celts tickets." And then, "I need 4 ladies who don't mind wearing body paint for my sons going off to College Party."

Expert Opinion

A professional gambler's take on the Tim Donaghy scandal.

Today's Erin Andrews Post

Rick Sutcliffe was very concerned about the skirt Miss Andrews was wearing during last night's Braves-Cubs game.

Barack Vs. The Rock

Barack Obama, The Rock :: Getty Images

Since we can't get past how much Barack Obama sounds likeThe Rock, we decided to pit the two individuals against one another in this Tale of the Tape.

Bookmark It!

Machochip doesn't think the lovely women attending Euro 2008 should be overlooked.

We're Down With Bashing Kevin Costner

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SI Recommends

This Chiefs fan is not happy about the actor's appearance in promos for the team.

The Real Story After Three Games

We were wondering why this NBA Finals story hasn't been covered by the media.

Investigative Journalism At Its Finest

The Big Lead got all scientific on us and used mathematical formulas to come to several interesting conclusions on all those Top 100 "Hot Women" lists that several magazines publish.

Today In Campus Clicks

Michael Beasley, Bart Simpson :: AP

Young stars who traded in textbooks for scripts ... UCLA Undie Run, Redux ... Bill Clinton ditches UCLA ... Nine essential summer drinks ... Five Wimpiest College Mascots ... Video: Man Smashes 40 Watermelons with Head.

New Video On Our Facebook Page

Must-see commercial can be seen here.

Sports Video Of The Day

We never thought a Pau Gasol tribute video could be so entertaining. (Thanks to Ben Grimes, of Iowa City, for sending us the link.)

Popcorn Video Of The Day

What happens when four cell phones are called at the time while they're pointing toward popcorn kernels? (Thanks to Hasan Tariq, of Houston, for sending the link.)

Virtual Barber Shop Video Of The Day

You have to take five minutes out of your day to listen to this. But you MUST use headphones and you MUST crank them way up. It won't work if you don't. (Thanks to Al, of Charlotte, N.C., for sending us the link.)

Classic Video Of The Day

Remember these guys, who just wanted their car to whistle? (Thanks to Marco Aguirre, of Los Angeles, for sending us the link.)

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