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Soccer's sexiest WAGs, fans and players: Hot Clicks

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Soccer's Sexiest

Sylvie van der Vaart :: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Everyday, our inbox gets flooded with links to various sites who are covering the WAGS (including Rafael van der Vaart's wife, Sylvie, above) and fans of Euro 2008. We figured since we have one more off day before the tournament resumes tomorrow, this would be a good day to unload a few of them. Wahiruzaman, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, sent us two links. One featured the WAGS of Euro 2008. The other is for the ladies who read Hot Clicks. It featured the Fittest Footballers. Meanwhile, Pop Crunch is following The Women Fans Of Euro 2008. Here is Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. (Thanks to Ryan C., of Millville, N.J., for sending us the link.)

What's In A Name?

Pacman Jones has said he wants to be known as "Adam Jones" from now on. In this post titled, "Sports Figures Living With Unfortunate Same Names," Undrafted Free Agent says that's unfortunate news for the Baltimore Orioles outfielder. Meanwhile, lists the Top 30 Porn Names In Major League Baseball. (Thanks to Kris Maske, of Atlanta, for sending us the link.)

eBay Item Of The Day

Here's one for those of you who can't get over Tiger Woods being out for the year. (Thanks to Shane Trahan, of Groves, Texas, for sending us the link.)

Name That Dapper Draft Pick

Joakim Noah :: Chris McGrath

One of the best things about the NBA draft are the unique suits that players wear. Mental Floss is capitalizing on this by testing your knowledge of outfits worn by past draftees.

Hall Call

Pyle of List needs your help. It's getting ready to induct another class into its Sports Movie Hall of Fame. But this time they're electing coaches.

A Blogger at Training Camp

The Sporting Blog's Spencer Hall wanted to see what football players go through at training camp. The results weren't pretty, but his two-part diary made the torture session worth it.

We're Devastated

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SI Recommends

We didn't mention the news of Mike and the Mad Dog possibly ending their long-running sports-talk radio show yesterday because we're in denial. We've listened since its inception, we used to call, we interned at the station and we watch the show on YES all day. We sorta feel like this. However, we knew if there was one thing that could make us feel better, it would be, and it came through yesterday with this photo.

It Might Be Time To Watch Wrestling Again

If you haven't been tuning in to Monday Night Raw to watch Vince McMahon give away $1 million every week, maybe you'll want to come back to the program to find out who tried to kill Mr. McMahon -- again.

The Good Old Days

The Deuce of Davenport looks at Five '80s "Sports" Toys That Didn't Kill You, Just Made You Stronger.

Today In Campus Clicks

Ryan Perrilloux, Dwight Schrute :: Darrell Walker/Icon SMI, Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Alternate NCAA 09 Covers ... 800 people gather in Times Square for Yoga-Fest ... Possible 2009 Heisman winner ... Video: He puts on for Tennessee.

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Sports Video Of The Day

We had this in yesterday's Campus Clicks, but we still had about 40 readers e-mail us this clip. Nobody e-mailed to say they thought it was fake, which was ironic because normally we get tons of "you're an idiot, that's fake" e-mails regarding most of the videos we post. Justin, of Dallas, was the only person to offer some skepticism, saying "Is this real?" The answer is no. It's a viral video for Gatorade.

Cat Video Of The Day

This cat likes boxing. (Thanks to Dan, of Colorado Springs, for sending us the link.)

Baseball Video Of The Day

What happens when you but a baseball in a blender? (Thanks to Josh, of Silver Spring, Md., for sending us the link.)

Classic Video Of The Day

Who will ever forget this wrestling fan?

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