Celebs and Their Mascot Look-alikes: Campus Clicks

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College Mascots and Celeb Look-alikes

Butch T. and Berry -- separated at birth? :: Brandon Hansen/Icon SMI : Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It's only natural to look at a mascot and think: "Which celebrity does this furry, padded creature somersaulting on the court most resemble?" Which is why it's a good thing the folks at Derober have come up with a comprehensive (and frighteningly accurate) list. Who knew the lovely Halle Berry and the Washington State Cougar shared such a strong resemblance?

A $1,118,060 Mistake

When a stud forward goes from being a potential lottery pick to the last guy in the green room and the 27th man drafted, someone's to blame. If Darrell Arthur wants to point fingers, the Sports Agent Blog is here to help.

Let the Saga Continue...

Word is Indiana's soon-to-be-former athletic director "retains rights to any book he may wish to write and publish," which means we can all count on this IU/Sampson drama being in our lives for an as-yet-undetermined amount of time. Hoorah.

Pac-10 Schools as Fine Wine

Oregon, the Cristal of the Pac-10. :: AP

When describing the conference, non-Pac-10 fans such as The College Football Guys like to toss around phrases like "soft," "aloof" and "pretentious." From there, it's only a hop, skip and a jump to comparing each school to a type of fine wine. Oregon's highly fashionable packaging and marketing, for one, make it the Pac-10's version of Cristal.

Boston Bigamy

In a move that redefined the phrase "wife swap," this guy put a posting on Craigslist offering a night with his wife in exchange for two Celtics tickets. Charming.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

Wearing the bracelets must have been bad enough for this Dartmouth hockey player, but since his own mom is potentially the one who put him in them, it had to hurt even more.

Three Cheers for Science

In what would be a medical breakthrough of gigantic proportions, scientists may have found a way to make us all immune to HIV.

A Hot Trend

Listen up, gents: your idols (Jay-Z and Diddy) want you to know that male waxing is not just a plus, it's a must.

Pop Culture Nugget

Devo thinks McDonald's new Happy Meal toy is ripping off its most famous '80s outfit.

Today In Hot Clicks

Phil McCarten\Reuters

We interviewed Derek Jeter ... LeBron game ... 50 Strangest Moments at a Baseball Game ... Ricky Williams as Doogie Howser ... Video: MLB fights ... Erik Estrada attacked.

Odds and Ends

Because you've always wanted to see John Wooden's soft, sweet visage staring out at you from a school-yard mural ... Heisman sleepers to watch out for ... Who knew people could still smoke at Commonwealth Stadium? ... Arizona football is taking a military approach to training.

Tufts Mascot Challenge

Think elephant mascots are lame and that, thusly, your school's mascot is better than Tufts'? Well, news flash, the Tufts elephant can ski.

Schoolyard Blues

If you stick your head in front of a swinging piece of playground equipment, you probably deserve whatever you get. (Warning: strong language)

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