Why Florida is just like Grey Goose: Campus Clicks

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Southern Comfort

Florida and Grey Goose are more similar than you'd think. :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

The College Football Guys are at it again. First the Pac-10 as fine wine, then the Big Ten as beer and now the SEC as liquor. A sneak peak: Florida as Grey Goose, both of which are "young, hip, good looking and successful." Debatable whether or not those uniforms are good-looking, but the kids underneath them (like our former Cheerleader of the Week, Britnay) certainly are.

A New Heisman Pose

Speaking of Florida ... we already knew Tim Tebow wore crocs, but now we know he wears them while dancing with babies.

Whip out your First Amendment

A Nebraska fan lifted a template off The Oklahoman's Web site and created a fake story about Oklahoma QBs Sam Bradford and Landry Jones getting arrested for cocaine distribution. Two Texas radio stations picked it up and reported it as fact and now, worried about character defamation, Landry's father is promising to prosecute the poster "to the fullest extent of the law."

Home, Sweet Home

Is Nebraska's Memorial Stadium the toughest place to play? :: Greg Nelson/SI

Football fans like to think their team's stadium is a fiercely intimidating place opponents dread to enter. But only some of them are right. Bleacher Report examined the home records of the major players in college football over the past 25 years and compiled a list of the toughest places to play based on home winning percentage. Nebraska's been struggling lately, but the seas of red that is Memorial Stadium still topped the list.

Jail House Blues

If you feel like a lot of student athletes have been making the news for their run ins with the law lately, you'd be right. Drunk driving, rape, coke-slinging, punching things and people ... you name it, it's happened. The Legend of Cecilio Guante, for one, is blown away, and is documenting the lengthy and varied list of student athletes who have found themselves in bracelets this summer.

Got a Band?

Warm up those vocal cords, tune those guitars and practice twirling those drum sticks. College OTR is making a concerted effort to become a platform for up-and-coming college musicians.

Give 'em Hell

The new Hellboy movie opens tomorrow, and the imminent release prompted Next Round to come up with a list of "8 Live Action Superheroes You Can't Take Seriously." Interestingly, Catwoman and Batgirl are both on the list, implying sexy women in tight leather outfits aren't any easier to take seriously than a red-skinned, horn-filing, cat-loving paranormal being like Hellboy.

Move Over, Victoria's Secret

There's another collegiate-themed underwear producer in town. It's an embarrassment of riches.

Pop Culture Nugget

Should HP 6's motto be "sex, drugs and wizard rock"?

Today In Hot Clicks

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Romo likes Simpson's music ... Top movie endings ... Worst sports tattoos ... Gretzky vs. Montana ... Video of drunk soccer referee ... Backing Favre ... Video: Ping Pong exchange ... Obscene drawings.

Odds and Ends

College football rule changes every fan needs to know ... Rich Rodowes WVU $1.5 million ... A Purdue study says performance influences perception of hole size (on the golf course) ... Yes, there's a minigun out there that shoots beer.

Kids Spills Flaming Shot, Starts Fire

This is why we have drinking laws. (Warning: some strong language involved.)

Idiot Spills Flaming Shot - Watch more free videos

Kiddie Card King

Nothing says "Pokemon Champ" like black bandanas and a dramatic highlight-reel set to Superstar.

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