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LPGA golfers become models: Hot Clicks


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Model Treatment

Sandra Gal :: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

A modeling agency has taken seven LPGA players under its wing to "show a different side of professional golf," and the result is this gallery from Works for us. Pictured above is Sandra Gal (left) and Kim Hall.

Pitiful (Or Pit Full?) Performance

It's hard to say this is one of all-time best manager tirades, but when the skipper pulls up his sleeve and sticks his armpit in the umpire's face, well, it's at least in the discussion.

So Much Sexson

We never would've imagined Richie Sexson's release would cause such a stir in the blogosphere, but we had several links about it e-mailed to us. Tirico Suave has a way for you to remember Sexson. Rumors and Rants breaks down how much money Sexson made for each achievement. has a couple of great Sexson YouTubes, including a spoof of Justin Timberlake's SexyBack titled, I Want SexyGone. And Home Run Derby asks the most important question of all: Is it the end of Cheap Sexson Mondays?

A Bon Jovi MLB Recap

Bon Jovi :: Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Since Bon Jovi is playing a concert Saturday in Central Park as part of Major League Baseball's All-Star celebration, we thought it would be fun to use some of the band's songs to recap the first half of the season. And if you're at the concert, we'll be there, so come say hello. We'll be the overweight Italian guy wearing a Yankees T-shirt. You should have absolutely no problem whatsoever finding us among the 60,000 New Yorkers who'll be there.

We Don't Blame You, Sarge

We haven't heard much from Alyssa Milano this baseball season, but she recently paid a visit to a Phillies game. And as the headline says on this post from The 700 Level, "Alyssa Milano Makes Gary Matthews Very Excited."

Good Fight has a very thorough look at Major League pitchers who resemble characters from the classic video game Street Fighter II.

Nasty Neighbors

SI Recommends

Some creative kids in Greenwich, Conn., put up their version of the Green Monster for their wiffle ball games. But their lame, uptight neighbors called the police and got lawyers involved.

SI Staffer Breaks Record

Chioma Aduba, from Sports Illustrated's marketing department, appeared on yesterday's Live with Regis & Kelly and won a High Heel-A-Thon. That's right. Nobody runs faster in high heels than Chioma.

Today In Campus Clicks

Hugh Hefner and The Girls Next Door :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Studies show we get happier as we age ... Fake NCAA 2009 covers ... 25 Toughest College Football Stadiums ... Top 10 dynamic duos in college football ... Video: Paintball security system.

Find Us On Facebook

We're proud to say that our Facebook group has just topped 5,000 members. If you haven't joined, do so now. We have a feature up on potential cat fights.

Sports Video Of The Day

We'd like to think we had something to do with Corey Hart winning the fans' vote for the final spot on the NL roster over David Wright, since we endorsed Hart's slogan and bashed Wright's. Either way, in this video via Small White Ball, Hart's teammates seemed just a tad excited to celebrate the outfielder's win. Think about the poor kid, fellas. (Thanks to Matt Leon, of Hales Corners, Wisc., for sending us the link.)

Wingman Video Of The Day

Not quite as good as the "Walk of Shame" video we featured the other day, but pretty close. (Thanks to Kent Ekman, of Boise, Idaho, for sending us the link.)

Real Or Fake Video Of The Day?

Did this truck take down part of a bank? (Thanks to Rick, or Atlanta, for sending us the link.) And if this is real, how can the YouTube description, which says the driver and passenger were unharmed, be accurate? (Update: 11:49 a.m.: site produer Ryan Hunt comes through with this unbelievable story about the incident.

Pearl Jam Video Of The Day

Think you know the lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter? (Thanks to Mark G., of Oside, Calif., for sending us the link.)

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