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Hangin' With Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews::

We were lucky enough to spend part of Saturday with Erin Andrews at Major League Baseball's All-Star FanFest in Manhattan. (Bonus picture of Andrews can be found here.) Andrews, who was there to greet fans and take pictures, thought nobody would show up to her area. She was wrong. We watched her interact with fans of all ages, including a baby who didn't want to be held by Andrews (he'll regret that later in life) and a middle-aged man who just stood about a foot away from Andrews and stared at her for about a full minute while shaking his head in disbelief and commenting over and over about how much prettier she is in person (which is true, but the scene was still creepy). But the highlight (or maybe, lowlight) was when Howard Stern wack packer High Pitch Erik stepped up. The longtime Stern character didn't get a picture taken with Andrews. He just asked her who she was and if she wanted to go on Stern's show. When Andrews told him that the show should go through ESPN to book her as a guest, he then asked her for her phone number. Seriously. And if being targeted by High Pitch Erik wasn't enough excitement for Andrews, she also was taken No. 1 overall in this Sports Network Fantasy Draft, which proves that, yes, you can have a draft for anything. (Thanks to Kristan K., of Shannon, Ill., for sending us the link.)

Billy Bounces Back?

We dare you not to laugh out loud when you see this.

Heads Up

A few people sent us e-mails last week to tell us that Stephon Marbury has a new tattoo -- ON HIS HEAD. But nobody had any pics -- until now.

Dance Off!

Chris Paul, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade :: AP

Check out these videos of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade battling Damon Jones and Alonzo Mourning in a heated dance off at a recent charity All-Star game.

Notes On Other Women Not Named Erin Andrews

Remember when we told you some of Stacy Keibler's clothing was up for auction on eBay? Well Busted Coverage was the winner of one special item. ... The Broncos cheerleaders are shooting a swimsuit calendar. ... Jessica Simpson and Tony Romoseem inseparable these days.

A Fun Traveling Companion

A blogger shares his amusing story of sitting next to David Wells on a recent flight.

When In New York...

We saw none of last night's Home Run Derby (as our favorite sports-talk radio host Chris Russo says, we wouldn't watch it even if it took place in our backyard), but judging from our inbox, the highlight (after Josh Hamilton's impressive showing) was Chase Utleydropping an F-bomb on the New York fans. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Attention Shoppers!

Three items for you. First, whether you're a Milwaukee Brewers fan or not, you can't deny that thisRob Deer T-shirt is pretty cool. Second, this bobblehead on eBay pays tribute to a karate kick that started a bench clearing brawl. Last, an Indians fan is selling his allegiance.

Funny Ferrell

The World Of Isaac comes up with the 10 Funniest Will Ferrell Movie Scenes. No. 4 should be No. 1.

Campus Clicks

Richard Branson :: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Comparing Big East football teams to famous TV shows ... SEC channel in jeopardy ... Top 10 indoor games ... Talking to NCAA Football 2009 coverboys ... Video: Trojan Warriors.

U.S. WAGs Vs. Euro WAGs On Facebook

Head over to our Facebook group and be sure to vote in this ferocious battle.

Sports Video Of The Day

What happens when Jose Canseco takes over as manager of a softball team? For starters, he renames the squad, "Team Juiced." Oh yeah, and he injects them with steroids, too.

More videos from the "Burly Sports Show" channel at

Text Message Video Of The Day

If you see this guy on the road, well, be careful. (Thanks to Paul Chintawat, of San Diego, for sending us the link.)

Guy Lays Down To Text On Motorcycle - Watch more free videos

Painting Video Of The Day

We received many thumbs up on the video we posted last week of a guy doing some interesting drawings. This isn't quite as risque and it's painting instead of drawing. But the end result is still pretty cool. And if you like it, you may might enjoy this, too.

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