July 18, 2008

Your guide to the weekend, SIOC style.

"Countdown to Kickoff," Athens, Ga.Is this finally the year the Dawgs make it to college football's two-team playoff? The preseason pollsters think so. On Friday, fans will have a chance to kick off Georgia's expectation-filled season with David Greene, Matt Stinchcomb, and a host of other former Dawgs. In addition to a golf tournament and an awards ceremony, the festivities includes an auction where you can purchase the right to follow the team around on game day or lead the Georgia band at halftime.

2008 Iowa Summer Games, Iowa State UniversityAlthough the Iowa Games don't have the world class athletes who will be in the Summer Olympics, Ames does have less air pollution than Beijing. Additionally, U.S. Gymnastics Champion and Iowa native Shawn Johnson is hard at work promoting the competition (and proving she needs a lot more practice in front of the camera if she hopes to land those precious post-gold medal endorsement deals.)

Boise State Wilderness Quest Four Day Freshman AdventureRegular freshman orientation is for sissies. At least that's what the Wilderness Quest participants will thinkafter spending four days in the Boise wild fishing, hiking, and making friends. There's no bond greater than the one between two people who have pooped in the same forest.

"Go" Tournament, George Mason University, 9 a.m.If you've spent the last nine months holed up in a basement studying "Go" strategy and watching A Beautiful Mind and Pi on an endless loop, now is your time to shine. The winner gets bragging rights over the local "Connect Four" and "Rock, Paper, Scissors" champions.

"Faulkner: The Returns of the Text," University of MississippiThe 35th annual Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference includes panel discussions, a picnic at Faulkner's home, an exhibition of Faulkner memorabilia, an open mic night and much, much more. And you thought literature conferences weren't any fun.

Kenny G at the Berkeley Jazz Festival, University of California, 12 p.m.It's adult contemporary soft rock nirvana this weekend in Northern California. First, Kenny Gbrings his curly golden mullet to Cal. Then later in the evening Kenny Loggins performs at Stanford's 49th annual Summer Symphony. Either performance is a great opportunity to get away from all those young whippersnappers under the age of 40.

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