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Who's Next?

Ashley Harkleroad :: Courtesy of Playboy

With tennis star Ashley Harkleroad featured in this month's Playboy (two photos from spread are above), Clubhouse Cancer suggests 10 more women's tennis players who should pose for the magazine. (Thanks to Kristin Vohl, of Chicago, for sending us the link) Sticking with this theme, All Balls uses Harkleroad's appearance in the August issue to look back on the Top 10 Female Athletes Who Posed For Playboy.

More Wimpy Names

Yesterday's item about a Minnesota school whose teams are named the "Awesome Blossoms" triggered a slew of e-mails that informed of us of more wimpy names. Nick S., of Oklahoma City, submitted Chickasha High School's "Fightin Chicks." Carson, of Frederick, Md., and Andrew, of Clarksburg, W. Va., submitted Poca High School's "The Dots." Get it? The Poca Dots. Kyle, of Boston, submitted Whittier College's "The Poets." Ryan Stanzel, of St Paul, Minn., submitted Cranberry High School's "Super Berries." Steve, of New York, submitted Scottsdale Community College's "Fighting Artichokes." Jeff Sirmons, of Orlando, submitted Logansport High School's "The Berries." Brian, of Des Moines, Iowa, submitted Minnetonka High School's "The Skippers." And finally, there was this e-mail from Bob Majeska, of Phoenix: "In the wimpiest team name category, how could you leave out the International Hockey League's Peoria Rivermen? Oh wait, "Rivermen" itself isn't a bad name. It's the name the franchise had before that -- the 'Prancers.' PRANCERS! A MALE professional HOCKEY team! For THREE YEARS! (1982-1984). Here's the Wiki link.

Buyers Beware

From pool chlorinators to a boiler, the Deuce of Davenport channels its inner Consumer Reports and gives you the scoop on the wide range of NFL-sponsored crapjunkgarbage products you can buy. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

A Newcomer Joins The Argument

Cristiano Ronaldo, John Mayer, Derek Jeter

A while back, the alleged love lives of John Mayer and Derek Jeter caused a spirited debate in Hot Clicks. The Angry T is rekindling that argument and adding a third party to it -- Cristiano Ronaldo.

Future Films

Cuzoogle.com shows off its Photoshopping skills by making posters for NBA movies you'll see in the 2008-09 season.

Truly Obscene

The Sporting Blog is not surprised that the federal court threw out the fine for Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, especially when you consider that these five performances were more offensive than Janet's exposure.

Last Day Of Dark Knight Links

After today, we're moving on to Step Brothers. In tribute to the Joker, Bleacher Report nominates the five most villainous sports figures of the past decade. ... TopTenChicagoSports.com reveals the top 10 athletes who would make great Batman villains. ... And LiquidGeneration.com offers the Ultimate Batman quiz.

Campus Clicks

Uga, Ralphie :: AP, Scott Quintard/Icon SMI

Pics from UCLA's Undie Run finally surface ... Interesting Sciano clause ... Michigan finally gets revenge on Appalachian State ... Tebow turns down Playboy ... Video: Wii Fit Parody.

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For links and videos that don't make Hot Clicks -- such as a gallery of beach volleyball pictures -- join our Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via TheFightins.com comes this video of Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game -- remix style.

Take me out
by TheFightins

Commercial Of The Day

This is a little more fun than those other "Got Milk" ads. (Thanks to Sean, of Toronto, for sending us the link.)

Classic Video Of The Day

Snake + News Reporter + Live TV = Gold. (Thanks to Rick, of Atlanta, for the link.)

Estelle Getty Video Of The Day

We were dared by a few people to pay tribute to Estelle Getty in Hot Clicks. We think we found the perfect Sophia clip.

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