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Recent Hot Clicks 7-23-08: Other tennis stars who should do Playboy 7-22-08: How well do you know the American WAGs? 7-21-08: Wrapping up the ESPY awards 7-18-08: Joba Chamberlain talks to us, plays "Guitar Hero" 7-17-08: Missing out on Marisa Miller 7-16-08: Checking in with the big celeb/athlete couples 7-15-08: Our day with Erin Andrews 7-14-08: Maria Menounos in action on the softball field 7-11-08: Agency turns LPGA golfers into models 7-10-08: Tony Romo loves Jessica Simpson's music 7-09-08: Catching up with Anna Kournikova 7-8-08: The history of the Yankees and their women 7-7-08: Check out Ana Ivanovic's photo spread 7-4-08: Plenty of links about the 4th of July and sports 7-3-08: Attractive actresses in sports movies

One Reason To Watch The Olympics

Logan Tom :: AP

In case you've been sleeping under a rock, we're here to tell you the Olympics start in a mere 11 days. So to get you in the spirit of the Games, Gawker has a nice photo gallery of hot Olympic athletes past and present including the lovely Logan Tom, who will represent the U.S. in women's volleyball. For those who just want to watch for the skill and grace of the athletes instead of their looks, Time Magazine has 100 Olympians worth watching.

More Love For Brett Favre

We're not sure if anyone still likes Brett Favre at this point, but we really admire the way these Eagles fans paid tribute to the Packers' legend -- by burning all their Favre memorabilia.

Go New York, Go New York, Go

It's tough to be a Knicks fan. The team is 79-167 over the past three years, full of unlikeable players (see: Marbury, Stephon and Randolph, Zach) and bad contracts. But there's one reason for New York fans to be proud -- the Knick City Dancers.

Your Will Ferrell Fix

Will Ferrell :: Andrew MacPherson/SI

Inspired by Will Ferrell's latest flick, Step Brothers, Fansided has compiled a list of 10 dream NFL step-brother combos including the dream team of Chris Henry and Pacman Jones. For those who can't get enough of Ron Burgandy, Frank the Tank and Ricky Bobby, Next Round has the all-time repeatable Will Ferrell lines.

Seven Hamburgers of Death

If you don't mind risking a heart attack and putting on a few extra pounds, the Diet Blog (ironic, we know) had the seven most unhealthy burgers ever created. Our favorite is the Whatafarm burger -- bacon, cheese, fried egg, burger patty, and chicken cutlet.

Top 10 NBA Champions

We're not sure if Ask Men is the ultimate authority on the NBA, but it ranked the NBA Champions and placed this year's Celtics squad at No. 3 while keeping Magic Johnson's 1986-87 Lakers at No. 7. Let the complaining begin.

Bad Moments in Tattoos

We've said it before and we'll say it again. If you're gonna get a tattoo, make sure you use spell check.

In Case You Missed It

Mike Hampton made his first major-league start since August 2005 and was promptly lit up for six runs in four innings. The injury-riddled Brave made a cool $29 million in 2006 and 2007 alone and his eight-year, $121 million contract may go down as the worst in baseball history.

Campus Clicks

Jennifer Love Hewitt :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ranking the 10 worst college-themed movies ... The Kentucky quarterback arrest epidemic ... Twenty Mangino-inspired "our coach" T-shirts.

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Olympic Betting Video Of The Day

Ryan Parker, who may be the best (and only?) sports parody musician on the planet, strikes again.

More videos from the "ryanparkersongs's channel" channel at Heavy.com

William Hung Video Of The Day

Apparently, Hung's 15 minutes of fame have yet to expire.

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