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Weekend Primer


Your guide to the weekend, SIOC style

Mobile Video Stories and Narration Workshop, Stanford University, 8:30 a.m.Looking to catch an unsuspecting athlete on a cell phone camera and sell the video for billions? This handy workshop teaches how to create and disseminate video stories using mobile devices. Stanford football coach Jim Harbaugh cannot be pleased.

Cape Cod League Baseball, Chatham at Orleans, 7 p.m.USC shortstop (and future 2009 first-round draft pick) Grant Green leads the league with an astronomical 1.067 OPS. If he can lead his Chatham team to a win over first-place Orleans it will do wonders for their playoff chances.

Exhibition: "The Art of College Humor," University of Wisconsin, 7 p.m.The exhibit mostly consists of digitized reproductions of vintage college humor magazines, but there are a few other displays I'd like to see, such as Bobby Petrino's Falcons contract, Bruce Pearl's wardrobe and Kelvin Sampson's phone records.

Taste of Philly Tour, University of Pennsylvania, 10:45 a.m.The only thing more fun than eating a Philly cheese steak is learning the history behind it. (OK, maybe that's a stretch.) This tour also reveals the stories behind Hershey Kisses and Philadelphia Cream Cheese, which must be more interesting than the tales behind the Penn dining hall food.

Bowling Green's UNIV 100 Freshman Course Hikes the Appalachian TrailIt's exactly what it sounds like. Hike the Appalachian Trail, get college credit. Admittedly, it's probably more deserving of credit than a Jim Harrick Jr. basketball class.

NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, ESPN, 6 p.m.Former Syracuse star Art Monk's induction after numerous close calls won't be the only feel good story of the night. Falcons assistant coach Emmitt Thomas' entrance into the Hall means Bishop College will finally get its first alumnus into Canton.

National Watermelon Day BBQ, MIT, 12 p.m.Along with "Talk Like a Pirate Day," National Watermelon Day is one of our country's most underrated traditions. It doesn't matter whether you're into seed, seedless, red, or orange watermelons, there's something here for everyone.