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Braun shoots commercial with Marisa Miller: Hot Clicks

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Beauty And Braun

Marisa Miller :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Brewers outfielder Ryan Braunrecently shot a commercial with SI Swimsuit model Marisa Miller. However, the commercial won't be out until the fall, so we have nothing to show you, and the story is pretty boring, so we're just using this as an excuse to post another Marisa Miller photo. Enjoy.

More Must-See YouTubes

Last Friday we posted 25 YouTubes we think every sports fan should watch. Obviously some key videos didn't make the cut. Ryan, of New York, wanted to see Jim Mora's famous "playoffs" meltdown on the list. Larry Orloff, of Chicago, nominates the clip of a fan snaring a football while jumping out of the stands. And Wade Burchette, of Nashville, N.C., says we missed a must-watch commercial for the WNBA Live 2008 video game.

Remembering The '80s

Joe Sports Fan takes a stab at answering a very interesting question: What music would baseball stars of the '80s have used as their theme song upon entering the batter's box?

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Randy Moss, Joe Horn :: Getty Images

The Love of Sports tackles the top 20 touchdown celebrations of all time.

Super Bowl News

The halftime performer for Super Bowl XLIII will be Bruce Springsteen.

The Games' Biggest Fan

President Bush is enjoying the Olympics. He's REALLY enjoying the Olympics.

The Stupidest Haircuts On The Internets

Here's your link.

Campus Clicks

Mark Sanchez :: Dustin Snipes/Icon

Good news and bad news for USC ... An ode to Auburn's Jumbotron ... Bonds wants to coach a college team ... Get to know college-aged Olympians ... Video: Got Soul?

New Items On Facebook

A ton of beach volleyball pictures can be found on our Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

The Houston Rockets mascot isn't one of those nice and cuddly mascots. Apparently he likes to scare little children. But he pays the price at the 1:17 mark

Beware Of The Bear - Watch more free videos

Obama/Rick Roll Video Of The Day

Even a Presidential hopeful gets in on the action (It starts slow but it takes off at the 19-second mark).

Classic Video Of The Day

Madden 09 comes out tomorrow, but we've posted tons of Madden links the last few weeks. So let's remember NHL 94 instead. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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