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USC Happy About Hats, Sad About Sanchez: Campus Clicks

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Will the Real USC Please Stand Up?

USC QB Mark Sanchez, a USC hat. :: Dustin Snipes/Icon

Trojan fans got good news and bad news this weekend. The bad: Starting QB Mark Sanchez dislocated his knee during practice and could miss the season opener. The good: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled that Southern Cal has priority over South Carolina when it comes to using the "SC" logo. Every cloud...

"Let's Move On"

The thing to take away from Notre Dame media day: Charlie Weis doesn't want to talk about Jimmy Clausen's inability to avoid the camera when holding red Solo cups.

Jumbo Love

If love letters to inanimate objects creep you out, Bleacher Report analyst Ben's ode to the Auburn Jumbotron probably isn't for you.

Coach Bonds

We can only imagine what kind of motivational speaker Barry Bonds would be. :: AP

The Fresno State Bulldogs have been on top of the college baseball world since taking home the CWS crown in June, but they, like all other California teams, must be shaking in their flip flops now that Barry Bonds has announced his desire to return to the college ranks -- as a baseball coach. The Sports Culture, for one, speculates Bonds might be craving the lax college drug environment more than the opportunity to help youngsters hone their upper-cuts.

Card-Counter Turned Commissioner

Jeff Ma, of Bringing Down the House fame (or of 21 fame, for all the anti-book movie-watchers out there) has turned his attention from cheating casinos to facilitating fantasy football leagues on social network sites. That news means it's as good a time as any to tell you all about SI's very own fantasy football game on Facebook, the first of its kind.

Going for Gold

Ah, great minds think alike. Each day during the Olympics, SIOC will feature one college-aged Olympian. Now, with the Olympics underway, UWire's got the spotlight on 12 Olympians still in, or fresh out of, college. An Olympic medal is just the ticket for spicing up an otherwise run-of-the-mill college common room, so best of luck to all of those featured.


South Florida QB Matt Grothe discovered the secret to losing weight: don't eat Chick-fil-A for lunch everyday. You don't say.

Cool-Down Mode

Summer's over, and for you recent-grads still living off your parents' generosity, it's time to join the working ranks. Mass-transit's a life-saver, but it's also a sweat-inducing nightmare. So when you're building your work wardrobe, consider these clothes for the sweaty business professional.

Pop Culture Nugget

Actor and comedian Bernie Mac, 50, died this weekend due to complications from pneumonia.

Today In Hot Clicks

Marisa Miller :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ryan Braun teams up with Marisa Miller ... More must-see YouTubes ... Bush loves Olympics ... The 20 most memorable TD celebrations ... Video: Mascot terrorizes kids ... Obama/Rick Roll.

Odds and Ends

The New York Timeshas a problem with Rutgers' football ... Grab a jacket and enjoy some football, Alaska-style ... Northeastern could be starting an influx-of-sexy-accents trend ... John Wall's summer coach is a former agent.

Got Soul?

Here's a little something (courtesy of those commercial gurus at Nike) to keep you pumped about the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics...

Our President was on hand to support America this weekend and made some time to chat with Mr. NBC, Bob Costas. The two things SIOC learned from this interview: Bush, his Dad, his wife, his sister, his daughter, his brother, his second-cousin twice-removed and his neighbor's dog were invited to have lunch (or dinner) with the Chinese governing power, and the thing that makes baseball so great is that it kept stats until the '90s...

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