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Michigan and OSU happily admit they're rivals: Campus Clicks

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Which Rivalry is Really the Best?

Michigan and Ohio State: real rivals. :: AP : Icon SMI

Sometimes, it takes a news weekly to legitimize -- or undermine -- a rivalry that's seemingly existed for decades. West Point and Annapolis? Chums, and nothing less, according to Newsweek. Ditto for Harvard and Yale. Ohio State and Michigan on the other hand...

Can I Buy a Vowel?

The folks at Grateful Blue wanted to do a Big Ten preview, but then realized that would involve a lot of hard work. So instead, they sifted through the electronic abyss for amusing, interesting or downright puzzling names. So if you're dying to know which Big Ten player has a really girly first name but a formidably masculine last name, or which player's name includes an unnecessary apostrophe, search no further.

Big Nasty Love

"Skill" players always get the love, but really, what takes more skill than preventing a prime physical specimen (namely, a college QB) from getting flattened into the turf? The Love of Sports recognizes this, and wants you to as well, so check out its list of the best "big nasties" (offensive lineman) in the country.

Tailgate with the Tide

Tide fans are worthy tailgating partners. :: Bob Rosato/SI

Uncoached is back with the second installment of Tailgate Nation. Today the beer-and-brat-bandwagon's parked (digitally speaking) at Alabama, where The Machine influences far more than the campus party scene, fans have Crimson Tide bedding and Nick Saban spews out sound bite after sound bite.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

Busted Coverage thinks if we started paying college athletes, we'd have less arrests. Why? WKU basketball player Arnika Brown is facing more than a dozen criminal charges after she used counterfeit money while shopping.

Secret Agent Man

It seems like John Wall's recruiting situation gets shadier by the day. First, Baylor hired his former AAU coach Dwon Clifton in a not-so-veiled attempt to lure Wall to the school. Now, we've learned one of his summer coaches (Clifton's brother, Brian) was a licensed sports agent four months ago. Legal? Yes. Ethical? Not so much, says the Sports Agent Blog.

Don't Pass Go

For reasons unknown, Reebok has released a Monopoly-themed shoe. Don Chavez can only imagine how this will affect trash talk during pick-up games.

Go Forth and Program

In theory, the tech-savvy among us are all a little happier in a collegiate environment where innovation and experimentation thrive. Still, some college towns are better than others. In that spirit, Campus Corner presents the top 10 tech-savvy campuses.

Pop Culture Nugget

Rainn Wilson kidnapped Jenna Fischer. See his new movie and save her.

Today In Hot Clicks

Leryn Franco :: Courtesy of

Paraguay's Leryn Franco = hottest Olympian ... Slew of Madden 09 and Olympics links ... Stu Scott does karaoke ... Tainted titles ... Video: Wrestling finishes ... Singing kids.

Odds and Ends

UF officials hate Juicy Campus ... And you thought your degree was worthless ... Facebook goes back to its college roots (sort of) ... Bob Stoopsjust can't get away from racy rap lyrics.

Mascot Mayhem

We have a close friend who's deathly afraid of mascots (she once came dangerously close to simultaneously breaking our left wrist and right rib after we pushed her into the arms of a roaming Otto the Orange), and after seeing this it's easier to understand why.

Beware Of The Bear - Watch more free videos

Mr. Rogers Busts a Move

Without meaning to do so, we've started posting weekly Mr. Rogers videos. We promise to stop the madness soon, but not until you all watch this classic clip of Mr. Rogers learning to break dance. - Watch more free videos

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