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Correcting An Oversight

Minka Kelly :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

One week ago today, we led off Hot Clicks with a look at the 10 Hottest Movie and TV Cheerleaders Of All Time. We didn't put the list together, but we still heard some criticism. Andy, of New Orleans, said "I know you didn't create the list, but any cheerleader ranking that does not include Minka Kelly as Lyla Garrity is not worth linking to." Greg Sakowicz, of Indianapolis, said, "How can you post a cheerleading rating without Friday Night Lights' Minka Kelly? I think this deserves a picture at least." And Nick Manning, of Tempe, Ariz., said "I know you're a big Friday Night Lights fan and I know you're a big Minka Kelly fan. Imagine my disappointment in Hot Clicks for not acknowledging her omission from this list." Since we aim to please here, we figured a good way to make this up to you was to give you the 10 best pictures we could find of Minka. Hopefully all is forgiven.

Great Gigs's John Wessling hasn't just come up with a list of the greatest sports dream jobs. He's actually Photoshopped himself into pictures to illustrate how great those jobs are.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Brett Favre saga continues to churn out links. Reader Christopher Drew, of Atlanta, e-mailed to say he mocked up a Madden 09 cover of Favre in a Jets uniform and wanted to share it with everyone. ... lists the 10 Most Anticlimactic Career Endings. ... The Beatles' Hello Goodbye plays a big role in this cartoon. ...

Quiz Time

Tony Micelli, Zack Morris

When you combined '80s sitcoms with sports trivia you get gold.

Karaoke Keepers

Yesterday's item about Stuart Scott's karaoke version of I'll Be inspired to compile some clips and come up with "When Sports And Karaoke Collide: The All-Time Moments."

Help A Hot Clicks Reader

Last week, you guys came through for Bud, who was looking for a Mariners hat. This time Ross, of Palm Harbor, Fla, needs a hand. He writes, "Hot links is da bomb! I'm still stuck in the past, and that is why I used a phrase like da bomb. Anyways, I noticed that this site often helps people find what they need and also likes to put links to Web sites that deal with nostaliga. I believe my request will meet both of those criteron. I'm trying to find 1988 and 1989 Starting Lineup football players, more specifically Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Remember starting lineups? They were so amazing and everyone loved them! I've tried E-bay and all the normal avenues. I figured a request from Hot Clicks may get some people to remember them and consquently go find them and sell them to me :). Thanks in advance for the help." Now even though Ross called Hot Clicks, "Hot Links," we'll still help him. However, this time we're not gonna be the middle man. You can just e-mail Ross directly if you have any info on the Starting Lineup figures at Please don't e-mail us. We're having enough trouble keeping up with all the e-mails about hot Olympians.

Football Isn't The Only Good Thing About Fall can't wait for the new fall TV season to begin. Here are the seven shows (women) it's looking forward to seeing return to the small screen.

Olympics Links

Daniel B., of Berlin, Germany and Chris Hohenadel, of Guelph, Ontario, want us to remember Australian swimmerStephanie Rice, who recently caused some controversy. ... Joe Sports Fan has in-depth analysis of all the Michael Phelps stuff that's on eBay.

Campus Clicks

Tim Tebow :: Tom Hauck/Icon SMI

Tim Tebow reveals his training regimen ... Greatest pranks in college history ... Eight best college towns for adventure-seekers ... Intriguing facts about each top 25 team ... Video: Paint by water.

Fresh Material Facebook

For news about Olympics athletes who have posted for Playboy and a list of the most absurd movie sex scenes, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Sports Video Of The Day

The Ballad of Michael Phelps.

More videos from the "ryanparkersongs's channel" channel at

Beer Bong Video Of The Day

Shafted20, of Milwaukee, e-mailed us to say, "In regards to the Steelers know how to tailgate, check out this video of a 100 person beer bong at UW Oshkosh."

Reporter Mishap Video Of The Day

It doesn't seem like she made a decent attempt to get out of the way.

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