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Top 10 NFL cheerleading squads: Hot Clicks

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

Buccaneers cheerleaders :: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

We know many of you are solely focused on attractive Olympians right now, but we still haven't caught Olympic fever. However, we are anxiously awaiting the NFL season. And so is The Love Of NFL, which gets us ready for the upcoming campaign by breaking down the Top 10 NFL Cheerleading Squads. The Bucs' squad, featured above, comes in at No. 4. Somehow the Houston Texans didn't make the cut, which makes no sense. As reader Nate Brown, of Houston, said in an e-mail to us, "I couldn't get the link in Thursday's post to work, but if the guy didn't include "NFL cheerleader calendar photographer", as one of the best jobs in sports, any and all Hot Clicks privileges should be revoked. Seriously, where else could an overweight man tell a woman like this to disrobe and still be the one receiving a cash payment at the end of the day?"

The End Of An Era

We know those of you outside of New York won't care about this next item, but indulge us. A little piece of us died last night when we heard the news that Chris "Mad Dog" Russo left WFAN. We've listened to the Mike and the Mad Dog show each and every day for more than 15 years and recently became addicted to this hysterical message board. There isn't a sports-talk show that comes close to being as good as this one, and there's no chance of Russo or Mike Francesa being half as entertaining solo as they were together. This has been one of the worst weeks we can remember. First, we realized the Yankees won't be in the playoffs for the first time since 1993, and now this. The only things we have to look forward to in life now are Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl and betting on football. For the Russo fans out there, we give you these classic YouTubes: A must-hear rant from Russo on his beloved San Francisco Giants; Russo going OFF on Pacman Jones; Russo rips Big Brown; a toddler imitates Russo's classic show opener.

Look-alikes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Sports Crackle Pop may have put together the best "separated at birth" feature we've ever seen. And we're not just saying that because they managed to get Peter North in there.

Somebody Got A Haircut

Manny Ramirez :: AP

Yesterday, at 5:11 p.m., this e-mail landed in our inbox from Craig Hughes, Tulsa, Okla.: "Is there a time frame as to when Manny Ramirez cuts his hair? I thought he agreed to comply with Joe Torre's request." Well, Craig, Manny did the deed, but we don't see how this is supposed to satisfy Joe Torre. Speaking of Manny, he's not missed by Jonathan Papelbon.
UPDATE: 12:53 p.m. -- Eagle-eyed readers, Matt, of Boston, and Matt D., of Windsor, Ontario, have e-mailed to say everyone's favorite sideline reporter -- lookin' good as always -- can be seen throughout the interview in the background. Great catch, fellas.

Nation Member And Idol

We're a day late on this but the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, seems to be a big Red Sox fan.

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Let Chris Hanson Get Your Weekend Started

We've already told you we're in a state of depression because of the Chris Russo news, but if anything can cheer us up today, it's this feature by -- The 10 Best To Catch a Predator Moments.

Campus Clicks

Pete Carroll :: AP

Jock itch sweeps through USC ... 10 commandments for how your significant other should deal with you during football season ... Columbia students start Playboy book club ... Intriguing facts about each top 25 team ... Video: Utes know how to rap.

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If you'd like to play in a Fantasy Football league with SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker (and, among others, Ronnie Lott, Jeremy Roenick and Brent Jones) check this out.

Sports Video Of The Day

A bevy of bloopers involving mascots. (Thanks to for sending us the link.)

Music Video Of The Day

The Wizards' DeShawn Stevenson and Richard Millsap take on Usher's Love In This Club.

One More Music Video Of The Day

A hip-hop tribute to life's most uncomfortable moments. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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Whispering Didn't Work Video Of The Day

Actor Ernest Borgnine is 91 years old. He recently revealed to Fox News how he stays so young.

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