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Our new favorite radion station: Hot Clicks

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Recent Hot Clicks 8-15-08: Top 10 NFL cheerleading squads 8-14-08: Making amends with Minka Kelly fans 8-13-08: Most attractive women who have talent 8-12-08: Leryn Franco is hands down the hottest Olympian 8-11-08: Ryan Braun teams up with Marisa Miller 8-8-08: 25 Must-see sports YouTube videos 8-7-08: Hottest movie/TV cheerleaders 8-6-08: Meet the Brazilian synchronized swimming twins 8-5-08: Wimpiest/Most Bizarre team names 8-4-08: Previewing HBO's "Hard Knocks"

Our New Favorite Radio Station

KTAR billboard :: Courtesy of KTAR

Last Friday, we explained how upset we were about the Mike and the Mad Dog radio show ending after 19 years (for those of you who care, you must check this out). Well, reader Tyler Bassett, of Phoenix, did his best to cheer us up by sending us this e-mail: "Here are the girls that will be on the Sports 620 KTAR billboard the week of Labor Day. The radio station is the home of the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks and Arizona State football and men's basketball. Each year one girl from the teams gets picked to be the face of her team. Pretty hard to find a better slideshow." We agree. And we now that Mike and the Mad Dog is history, we're putting our support behind 620 KTAR!

You Guys Have A One-Track Mind

We've been inundated with e-mails about hot Olympians. So we've compiled them all for your viewing pleasure in this file.

Throwing Water On Phelps

The Angry T has come up with 11 Athletic Performances That Rival Michael Phelps' Eight Gold Medals.

Coverboy Vs. Coverboy

Eli Manning, Tom Brady :: Courtesy Men's Vogue, Esquire

Blue Monkey Disco Party pits Eli Manning's Men's Vogue cover against Tom Brady's Esquire cover in this tale of the tape.

No Kent Do

There are certain people in sports who never should be dissed. Vin Scully is one of them. However, Jeff Kent broke this rule.

Olympics Links

Rumors and Rants wants Michael Phelps to spice up his personality. ... Olympic athletes REALLY like to bite their medals. ... From Andrew, of St. Paul, Minn.: Jimmy, These two links are just representative of something I keep thinking. Every time I see someone interview Dara Torres, I keep waiting for her to say, "So, you're telling me there's a chance!" She's just a dead ringer for Jim Carrey. I think Jenny McCarthy is probably better looking than Mr. Torres though. Keep up the fine work! Here are the links: Torres-Carrey.

Maim That Tune! looks at the 20 worst cover songs ever.

Campus Clicks

Alicia Sacramone :: AP

College students participating in the Olympics ... Offensive nicknames ... Spying on USC ... 10 more tailgaiters who will drive you mad ... Video: Dinner with Tressel.

Fresh Material Facebook

For news about Olympic athletes who have posed for Playboy and a list of the most absurd movie sex scenes, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Get Close To Brooklyn Decker

If you'd like to play in a Fantasy Football league with SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker (and, among others, Ronnie Lott, Jeremy Roenick and Brent Jones) check this out.

Sports Video Of The Day

From the YouTube description: "WTOP's Mark Segraves tries to eat the breakfast of Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, which includes three fried-egg sandwiches, French toast, pancakes, grits, toast, eggs and more."

Fighting With The Computer Video Of The Day

This is kinda dumb, but for some reason it made us laugh.

How To Be A Man Video Of The Day

Ryan Daly, of Nashville, Tenn., sent us this MANtage.

Backflip-Gone-Wrong Video Of The Day

At first, weren't gonna post this video, that comes to us via Co-Ed Magazine, but when the kid tries his stunt a second time, well, we had no choice. - Watch more free videos

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